whatever happened to aids?

whatever happened to aids & the whizzball report all after the break…

whatever happened to aids…

one of the best things about being butt ugly is that you never have to worry about sexually-transmitted diseases. the women can’t run fast enough in the opposite direction.

oh, sure, when you’re fourteen the isolation can be wrist-slicing depressing because all you want to do is get laid. yo, though,u realize that most of the people who are getting laid are also getting the crabs, mono, herpes, unwanted pregnancies &, of course, the house special of the generation – aids.

let’s get something straight – aids is bad. bad bad. bad as in bad, as in not good. i, for one, would sure like to see a cure for aids in my lifetime. there. opinion stated.

having written that, though, i really don’t care one way or the other. i mean, aids to me has always been this abstract concept. it’s bad… and yet, i’ll never experience it.
i’ll never “feel” it’s badness. it’s a tornado outside my house that will never damage my property.

i can look at the badness. i look at the badness all the time. i don’t like the fact that people are suffering but there really isn’t much that i can do about it. i can’t tell these people, “hey, don’t have sex with each other or else you’ll get aids & then die because you can’t afford the medication.” first off, i probably can’t speak their language so they wouldn’t be able to understand me anyway. also, i don’t know their phone number & the phone call would probably be too expensive.

its too bad nowadays that aids is just another std. i can remember back when it was the fcuking death star of all diseases: get it in early july & you’d be dead by mid-september. aids will never be cool but that aspect of aids was cool. the fact that this thing was a cold-blooded killer that could strike anywhere, anytime. aids was like an assassin back then. it had a certain ninja property.

i don’t think h5n1 will be quite as glamorous. i think h5n1 will be the casual computer game to aids’ hard core pen-and-paper rpg. of course, right now, h5n1 is nothing but a lazy bum. i mean, how long does it take for this thing to get deadly? we’ve been waiting how many years & have been scared to death how many times & for what? a couple of deaths in asia?

look, either h5n1 gets its act together or bring in a bird flu virus that can get the job done. not too much to ask there.

the whizzball report…

start = 297. end = 293. net gain = +3.


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