from behind the curtain…

a note about comments & the whizzball report all after the break…

note – this note is irrelevant because no one bothers to read it. dumbsases.

from behind the curtain…

i was delaying writing this kind of post until my one-year anniversary or until i just got really, really bored with writing things like, “oh, wow, i just noticed some 20-year old something or other slut…” or “hey, there’s this game but it really sucks and…”

unfortunately, people don’t seem to follow instructions too well. see, at the top of every post you’d find a note & it went something like…

note – don’t be a doofus, read the “leaving comments” page before leaving a comment.

i started doing that because i’d get comments like this…

great site. i like how you made it look. you have some great opinions. bye!


i really like your opinions on [fill in politician here]. i hope you vote [political party] in 2008!

…and i’d have no clue if it was spam or not because they were so uber-generic that it could’ve been for anything. i could’ve written a five-page article on ninja-trained fish from the ninth dimension & the comments would’ve fit. so, i instituted a little test to see if people could follow instructions. it was really simple. in fact, more simple then i had initially planned it but i wanted to be inclusive. i didn’t want to leave anyone out.

all you had to do was read the “leaving comments” page & follow the one-step instruction on how to leave a comment. simple. really, really simple. if you were so impassioned on leaving a comment, you’d be impassioned enough to follow the instruction.

honestly, i didn’t realize so many of you people would be hung up by it. honest.

i mean, it involved one step. one tiny step.

follow that one step & i’d post your comment no matter how much you disagreed with me. oh, i’ve had some real ripe comments over the past few months. people who’ve disagreed with me on this, or that, or the other thing…

however, except for one comment… one comment… everyone couldn’t follow that one simple instruction. i couldn’t believe it. i really, for the life of me, couldn’t believe it.

i really don’t know what to say… i mean, the “leaving comments” page was right there. all you had to do was read it.

really. that simple.

when i started this, i had set up a ratio of posts that followed instructions to posts that didn’t follow instructions. when the ratio was exceeded, i was going to revoke posting comments.

i never thought the ratio would be exceeded. i mean… i rigged it so that it would have to be blatant. blatant!

so, from here on out… no comments. sorry. hey, that’s life & it sucks. maybe i’ll reinstate comments someday. maybe not. i dunno.

oh yeah… i almost forgot…

some guy named rick corrected me that i was referring to “zitz” & not “soup to nutz.” yeah. rick pwn3d me. i went back to the funnies & figured it out – the two comics are side by side & i switched the names in my rush. yesterday’s post duly corrected.

oddly enough, he also couldn’t follow instructions, either.

the whizzball report…

start = 298. end = 296. net gain = +2.


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