Weekend Edition…

inspired by true events, politics, list of ailments, the whizzball report #1 & #2 all after the break…

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inspired by true events…

inspired by true events, based on a real story… nah. let’s get something straight.

your crappy film isn’t based on siht. odds are, you originally took a story & then, after about seventeen trillion re-writes by the usual monkeys in hollywood, about the only thing “true” or “real” left was that someone got killed or the vague geographical areas match. that’s usually how it works.

i’m sick of seeing such tripe like “inspired by true events” slapped onto a fcuking movie like it’s a food item. do you want to know what are true events? people getting killed, people getting abducted & automobile accidents. those are all “true” events. so, in the warped fcuked-up logic of hollywood, a movie about an assassination attempt on a united states president that involves an automobile accident, secret servicemen getting killed & the president’s family being abducted would be considered “inspired by true events.” or, in other words, the movie “air force one” (honorable mention : “in the line of fire”).

like a food item, i think hollywood, if they’re going to use the “inspired by true events” label on their crappy movies, should be forced to reveal exactly what these ‘true events’ are.


i was going to write something really long, but it wouldn’t be worth it.

can i just vote now & get it over with?

list of ailments…

as i get older, i begin to collect fear of various ailments like a kid with a $20 dollar bill collects pokemon cards. aging sucks, fear of ailments sucks but what people don’t tell you is that, after a certain age, your body decays. every day, your body decays bit by bit until something major goes. maybe you have a heart attack because you couldn’t stay away from the cheeseburgers. maybe the lungs finally give out because you couldn’t quit smoking. or, maybe your own cells do you in, causing a mistake not of your own creating that creates a chain-reaction cancer tumor to form that goes unnoticed before it finally kills you.

here’s just a few of the things that i worry about at 3 am in the morning when i have nothing better to do:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • lyme disease
  • glaucoma
  • high/low blood pressure
  • high/low good/bad happy/sad cholesterol
  • high/low testosterone (don’t laugh, supposedly this one is “emerging” as a “serious” problem according to all the docs in the know)
  • ulcers

those are just the ones that i can remember right now. i’m sure that, if i put my mind to it, i can worry about quite a few other ailments that have slipped my mind… oh, wait…

  • alzheimer’s

that, too.

the whizzball report #1…

start = 303. end = 301. net gain = +2.

the whizzball report #2…

start = 300. end = 300. net gain = +1.

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