got nuthin to say…

got nuthin to say & the whizzball report all after the break…

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got nuthin to say…

ever have one of those days where you’ve got a lot to say but got nothing to say about any of them? this is one of those days. in no particular order:

sydney pollack – sad that he died. another reason to invest in stem cell research. i’ll always remember him from the movie “eyes wide shut” but that’s only because that was stanley kubrick’s ‘dirty old man’ movie where everyone was getting laid, wanting to get laid or just plain naked. why he couldn’t have made “ai” first i’ll never know but figuring how kubrick botched “eyes wide shut,” maybe its best we never find out how a post-talent kubrick would’ve messed that film up… oh, wait… spielburg showed us already…

politics – bleh.

4th edition dungeons & dragons – its been a real long time since i’ve played a pen-and-paper rpg. the problem with pen-and-paper rpgs is that you need other people to play them & since all of my friends won’t even answer e-mails, just imagine the trials & tribulations i’d have to go through to get an actual friend to play this game with me, live & in person. anyway, the much-ballyhooed 4th edition of this game is coming out & either you’re uber-excited or uber-pissed because of [fill in some game feature or lack thereof here].

no offense but if video killed the radio star, then computers killed the pnp rpgs. i’m nostalgic but what’s the point of being nostalgic over something you can’t recognize? it’d be like george lucas remaking “star wars: episode 4” completely from scratch & trying to have fond memories of that version instead of the one you saw in 1977 (or even the 1997 special edition).

does the youtube generation even have the attention span to play a pnp dungeons & dragons game? i can see it now…

brad: “ok, we have to roll our characters.”

jeff: “roll? roll dice?”

brad: “yeah, roll 3d6…”

jeff: “yeah, ok. i get it. [rolls] cool, a 13.”

[awkward pause]

brad: “you have to roll for all of your stats…”

jeff: “oh, you mean, i keep rolling for everything?”

brad: “yeah.”

jeff: “man, that’s lame. i’m going back to world of warcraft, ok dude?”

the whizzball report…

start = 307. end = 306. net gain = +1.

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