stolen laptops…

stolen laptops & the whizzball report all after the break…

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stolen laptops…

a group of idiots (or maybe it was just one idiot, who knows) broke into where i work & stole all of the laptops.


did the cops dust for fingerprints? fcuk no. this ain’t “csi wherever.” the cops come in, look around, file a report & then drive back to the donut shop where they were oh-so-inconveniently pulled away from.

i’m told that it usually goes down like this – a drug addict needs money so they break in & steal something that they can pawn off real quickly. that usually means laptops, since they’re light & easily portable. the stuff gets pawned off, the drug addict gets their money, they go & buy their drugs, snort/inject their drugs & then repeat the cycle some more.

if the drug-addled idiot had been paying attention, though, he (could’ve been a chick but i’ll the burglar a “he”) would’ve noticed that all of the laptops (and desktops, too, except in the it dept) are pretty much worthless because whenever we ask for $5 dollars from budget they give us 7 cents & all the lint they have in their pockets. maybe the addicts can sell our crap to the smithsonian… it’d be worth more to them then in the open market.

no one touched the monitors, or desktops or anything else.

freakin’ retards.

whenever a bunch of granola-crunchin’ whinin’ pro-legalization fcuktards snivel about making pot legal, crack legal, meth legal & whatever new the drug on the block is legal, think about my workplace with its stolen laptops. that’s drugs, folks; that’s what it does to you. it makes you steal crap that you wouldn’t otherwise steal.


the whizzball report…

start = 307. end = 306. net gain = +1.

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