hating disney…

hating disney & the whizzball report all after the break…

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hating disney…

i’m not stupid; inside every great company is a legion of ashsoles who get off (and by “get off” i mean probably what you think it meant, “mental ejaculation” but i wanted to make sure that i clarified that) on screwing the guy directly underneath them. i don’t know why such behavior is tolerated or encouraged in capitalism but it is & its the reason why capitalism blows huge chunks.

to say that i’m surprised that some hapless employee at one of the trillions of disney theme parks hasn’t gone completely postal & mowed down fifty or so people because of the ashsole management there constantly peppering them with bullsiht complaints is something close to an understatement. i know that if one of those pricks ever pushed my buttons, i’d bash theirs with a ball-peen hammer while laughing maniacally i would try to work harder for my capitalist overlords because, clearly, they know more about how to run an operation then my meager brain ever could. actually, screw the hammer; i’d probably settle for something less subtler & more sharper.

i write about disney because i tend to slip into the delusion sometimes that working for disney is a wonderful thing. i’m sure that it is a wonderful thing for the 0.000001% of employees who treat each day like they’re a castaway on the game show “survivor” & i’m not talking about the few nice castaways who are just there for the adventure but the real btichy ones who can’t take a siht without trying to connive anyone into voting someone else off. i’d be useless on that show by giving all the jerks a live & personal demonstration that staying submerged underwater for more then five minutes is a bad idea.

anyway, i just feel bad that disney tries to be all gooey on the outside while being a real crappy place to work on the inside. ironically enough, where i work, there was a big initiative by the management to be “just like disney” but i don’t think they really understood what they meant because they were probably thinking only of the cutesy outside & rah-rah happiness that disney tries to hypnotize you with.

actually, i don’t really want to work, i just want money. if that’s ok with you.

the whizzball report…

start = 311. end = 311. net gain = -2.

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