the new metric…

robb’s celebrity oops!, the new metric & the whizzball report all after the break…

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robb’s celebrity oops!…

not that i hit the porno sites often… ok, you caught me, i do… well, i don’t… i just know a “friend” who does, ok?

anyway, i just learned not too long ago that a prominent web 1.0 site that my “friend” used to frequent every now & then has slipped onto that great big server in the sky. the website was called “robb’s celebrity oops!” &, in it’s heyday, it was quite the website for finding photos (some more flattering then others) of your favorite star au naturale. after being threatened & sued a few times, apparently, the website got watered down by shedding a whole bunchload of photos but still otherwise maintained a watering hole for those who always wanted to know what was underneath the blouse of that special starlette but were too afraid to get nailed on some stalking charge.

from what my “friend” understands, the webmaster of the site has recently died from an averse reaction to some antibiotics. nasty. unlike a lot of these new fancy web 2.0 sites, when the creator dies then so too goes the website. my “friend” wondered why the site hadn’t been updated in about 2 months before going down.

anyway, another web 1.0 gem bites the dust. everyone mocks the skin industry but the hormones have to be satiated somehow, right?

sad. r.i.p

the new metric…

i was going to write about “indiana jones & his new bifocals” but i figured that everyone else will be writing about the relic that spielburg & lucas dusted off because, quite frankly, it recalls a time when they were both worth something & not hollow shills trying to recapture their glory days before one of them went to the “star wars” well one too many times & the other started slobbering a health layer of overbearing “family” lard onto all of his movies.

therefore, i think i’m just going to take the day off.

oh, and “mutt williams” is indiana jones’ illegitimate son.

the whizzball report…

start = 310. end = 309. net gain= +1.


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