south africa…

south africa & the whizzball report…

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south africa…

i read somewhere recently that south africans really hate zimbabweans & mozambiqueans. i’m not talking the white people hating these people, i’m talking the black people hate these people. when i say “hate,” though, i’m not talking mean thoughts & a scowl on their face but actual deaths, injuries, violence & the usual mayhem.


talk about progress.

i can remember when south africa used to be the world’s whipping boy because of the whole apartheid thing. they made a whole “lethal weapon” movie out of it. actually, the only thing i took away from that movie was some lady’s nice rack.

so, south africa… what happened?

i mean, i know you have to deny that hiv exists because that’s just the african mentality but what’s with the black-on-black thing? didn’t you learn from the white people stomping the snot out of the black people thing? the boycotts & global condemnation?

i’m sure you’ll figure it out for yourself. say “hi” to mandela for me.

the whizzball report…

start = 316. end = 314. net gain = +1.


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