edwards endorsement…

edwards endorsement, something about president & the whizzball report all after the break…

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edwards endorsement…

wow. so, john edwards, former presidential candidate, endorsed barack obama yesterday.

i’m beginning to think the democratic party really doesn’t like barack obama.

check it –

  • bill richardson, who couldn’t go five sentences during his presidential run without referring to himself as a hispanic, endorses obama after the texas primary/caucus. gee – what delicious timing it would have been had he endorsed obama while he was trying to win a state chock full o’ fcuking hispanics!
  • john edwards, who’s brain is hard-wired to say such words like “poor,” “hard-working” & “blue-collar” as often as he sucks in oxygen, endorses obama after the pennsylvania, indiana & west virginia contests. hmmm… i wonder what demographics those states really dominated in…
  • biden, kucinich, gravel… anyone know what happened to them? anyone? i’ll forgive “crazy uncle” gravel only because i’m sure much of his time is probably spent yelling at his mailbox at 4 am in the morning for no other reason then because the space aliens told him to.
  • hillary clinton, thinking she can still win the nomination despite not having a majority of (in no particular order): pledge delegates, super-delegates, states won, caucuses won, primaries won, popular vote, sanity.

chris dodd was the only guy who really had cajones early on, endorsed obama & then went on with his merry life. who wants to make a bet that he’s on the short list for:

  1. the vice presidency
  2. senate majority leader
  3. all-around uber important guy should obama win the presidency.

so, anyway, that’s all i have to say about that.

the whizzball report…

start = 323. end = 321. net gain = +2.


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