mass effect…

mass effect, my fcuking cfo & the whizzball report all after the break…

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mass effect…

i don’t play too many video games anymore because my time is valuable & most games can’t be modded to include hot naked women. therefore, i actually try to be somewhat productive in my life aside from this blog.

whenever i do buy a game, though, i’ve tended to notice that the copy protection (or “drm” as in “digital rights management” as they call it now) has become more draconian over the years.

software developers are always btiching & whining about piracy even though they won’t acknowledge that most of their games suck & are vastly overpriced. since they have been led to believe that the only way to rid piracy is to build a bigger wall & electrify it even more then the last time, we have to deal with copy protection schemes that border on the complete asinine.

my first experience with draconian copy protection was the original “quake.” that’s right – quake 1. see, you had to call up this place, pay for the fcuking game & then enter this really long string of numbers & letters that they gave you. don’t lose the fcuking #! that’s the only one you’re getting!

ever since then, the copy protection has just gotten worse & worse… until now, where the copy protection has just entered a whole new circle in hades.

supposedly, the console port of “mass effect” (some sci-fi game i wasn’t interested in playing anyway), was going to have this new drm where it would hook up with the internet every 10 days to make sure that you were eating all of your vegetables & going to bed on time. they’ve since backed off of this drm for some strange, unknown reason… maybe logic & reasoning. i dunno.

sadly, this is the future of gaming, kids. you don’t own squat anymore. you don’t own your os. you don’t own your games. you don’t own your applications. you want an actual disc with your game? what are you, some luddite?

if this is the future, i think i’m going to have to start living in the past. enough of this siht. with $4 dollar gas already here, i’m taking my money somewhere else.

my fcuking cfo…

i just learned today that, supposedly, my fcuking cfo physically threatened my boss a while back when she made the mistake of honestly answering a question that the ceo posed to her, shaking his finger at her so hard that it accidentally touched the tip of her nose.

if that fcuker ever pulled that siht on me, i’d break his fucking finger off of his hand & shove it so far up his ass it would give him an aftertaste report it directly to human resources
as per company policy & only think legally-allowed thoughts as i continued on with my workday as productively as before.


the whizzball report…

start = 334. end = 333. net gain = +1.


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