chicks in bikinis…

chicks in bikinis & the whizzball report all after the break…

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chicks in bikinis…

i’ve had it up to “here” with doom & gloom stories. i feel bad for myanmar. i feel bad for eight belles. i don’t feel bad for hillary clinton.

let’s get back to writing about chicks in bikinis.

actually, let’s not.

kids, i’ll let you in on a secret – society has evolved. yes, in the old days, chicks in bikinis was some pretty hot stuff. wow. of course, a 14-year old libido isn’t too hard to arouse. i think all you have to do is just write the word “boob” &, as they say, the tentpole is raised.

however, the internet changed everything. oh, sure, you might really be attractive & being in a barely-there g-string (here’s something i’d like to know… why do they call it a “g-string”? does it have something to do with the letter ‘g’? i’m just curious…) might accentuate that point but, here’s the problem…

with the internet, i can see women completely naked. for free. lots of women. lots of nakedness. all for free.

this poses a problem for chicks in bikinis who want attention. mainly, i’m not paying attention. why? because while you’re in a bathing suit, someone else is in something even more revealing… a birthday suit.

so, i almost have to laugh nowadays when some C-list 20-somethings are “caught” in their bikinis or have a “revealing” photo shoot. so you kept the pounds off. good for you. so they photoshopped you a few years younger looking. good for you.

you’re not naked, though, & if you’re not naked… well, what’s the point? you’re only going to get older, saggier & wrinklier. when that happens… well, there’s always going to be someone new on the internet willing to go that much farther for the attention.

being naked is the new bikini. get with it.

the whizzball report…

start = 335. end = 334. net gain = 0.


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