customer service…

customer service & the whizzball report all after the break…

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customer service…

i’ve come to conclusion as to why our economy is in a recession: our customer service totally sucks.

ok, check it out – i’m actually in the market to buy an hd-dvd player just for kicks. yeah, i know – “blu-ray won.” yeah, i know that. i don’t care for blu-ray. odds are, i ain’t buying a ‘real’ next-gen dvd player for another 2 years. not until blu-ray dvd players are $99 bucks & they’ve standardized their players so that, 2 years after you buy it, it’s not obsolete with some new blu-ray version. i want to buy the dvd player once.

so, i go to the first store… circuit city. why i think that i’ve walked into a storage closet pretending to be a store every time i walk in… i dunno. for half a moment, i actually thought of buying this software title (a music generation title) for $49.99 before i realized that i was in circuit city.

anyway, i go to ask a customer service person to see if they’re willing to be flexible about their price on an hd-dvd player. nah. they can’t be bothered. two female associates are too busy talking amongst themselves about things other then store business. i am standing right beside them for over half a minute. nope. no dice. not even a single word from them.

ok, i could’ve been aggressive & just barged in on them. that’s not my job, though. i’m the customer. serve me.

so, circuit city lost a sale.

the next store in this tale is sears. sears is sort of like a wal-mart except that it isn’t. that’s sears.

i will call the customer service person “shuffling black dude.” shuffling black dude moves at the speed of a george romero zombie. i thought maybe shuffling black dude’s shoelaces were tied together, preventing him from moving faster. nah. that’s his speed.

shuffling black dude was helping a couple about a television set. that was it. no one else was around in the general area. again, i’m the customer. should i have to walk over to the perfume department to ask for help in the electronics department? hello? anyone?

now, i was nice to sears – i came back to that store about five times to see if shuffling black dude was available. nope. still helping that couple. i think the couple was about to lose their minds because shuffling black dude had no inhibitions about shuffling back & forth from a computer & then back over to them every moment or so. maybe shuffling black dude was reading from a script from the computer monitor & could only memorize a few lines at a time. i dunno.

another lost sale.

this is why our economy sucks: cause our customer service sucks.

there – i said it.

the whizzball report…

start = 349. end = 345. net gain = +2.


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