sniffing detergent…

sniffing detergent, paula abdul’s meltdown & the whizzball report all after the break…

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sniffing detergent…

really, it’s too easy to pick on other countries at times. i actually have to restrain myself from writing about all the absurd things that i read about them (at least the ones where the governments aren’t so repressive that it restricts freedom of speech – there’s a bunch of you out there).

anyway, i got a kick out of reading this one article where there’s a supposedly a huge fad in japan – death by bubble bath. ok, that’s not accurate – they’re sniffing some sort of detergent mixed with bath salts… it’s confusing & i stopped concentrating once i started realizing that it was essentially “death by bubble bath.”

yeah, suicide ain’t funny & i apologize to everyone & anyone who’s ever had to walk into a room expecting a family member or friend & found a corpse instead. that’s a nasty phone call to get at 3 am (besides the one that barack obama supposedly can’t handle according to that bitch candidate, hillary clinton) for anyone.

i don’t understand why japan supposedly has the highest suicide rate of civilized countries (not my fact, someone else’s – don’t sue). what? they were out of your favorite raman noodle brand? your robot broke down again? you got an “a-” instead of an “a” on some book report? someone canceled your favorite anime show?

you guys have all sorts of fun electronic gadgets & crap. you live on a live-action set of “blade runner.” you invented “kareoke” where bad singers sing badly in front of other people too hammered to give a crap or won’t admit it because they want to have sex with you. you guys invent more nude mods to video games then every other civilized nation… combined. you have lots of robots & stuff.

you guys have a lot to live for. don’t kill yourselves. just chill out, relax, & enjoy. in 20 years, you’ll probably be some half-man, half-robot cyborg thingy out of “robocop.” that’s something to look forward to, right?

paula abdul’s meltdown…

this chick is just sad. sorry. you need help. get help. yeah, i know – you claim that you don’t need help. that’s what all the pathetic people claim. just before the voices tell them to only eat foods that begin with the letter “j.”

no, the tv show “american idol” won’t ditch you because you’re their little “anna nicole smith” & people enjoy tuning in to see what new & creative ways you might meltdown on any given episode.

your reputation is shot, though – that’s the reality. it’s gone. heyday? yeah, it left the building a long time ago & it ain’t coming back.

get help. it’ll help.

the whizzball report…

start = 350. end = 347. net gain = +3.


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