grand theft auto iv…

grand theft auto iv & the whizzball report all after the break…

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grand theft auto iv…

i’ll be the first to admit it – i’m old. i’m not an old fart, i don’t have wrinkles on my wrinkles, there’s no grey hair yet but i can safely say that i’m not “young” anymore.

i don’t “get” what all the youth are into. miley cyrus? i guess she’s cute. we’ll probably see her get addicted to crack in 5 years or get pregnant by her boyfriend at 17 or some other horror story. high school musical? i wouldn’t be caught dead watching this. seriously, i don’t understand what all the hype is about. harry potter? i liked it when it was called “star wars.” anime? not a chance.

it’s the same thing with games – i don’t do multi-player, wouldn’t touch a mmorpg if it fell into my lap with a decade’s worth of free play, the last console i owned was the atari 2600, whenever i think of the word “halo” i think of that thing above an angel’s head… i don’t know. i’m just not “with” it. i don’t understand. maybe i’m just one of those few people who can’t wrap their minds around shiny new concepts & appreciate the new paradigms that our youth is producing. i don’t know.

take, for example, the video game “grand theft auto iv.” i don’t get it. good for you if you enjoy the game. i just don’t get it, though.

the whizzball report…

start = 356. end = 352. net gain = +4.


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