miley cyrus…

miley cyrus, thief 4 & the whizzball report all after the break…

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miley cyrus…

i really debated as to whether or not i would write anything about this teenager but, what the hey, she’s a public figure regardless of whether or not she’s 15 or however old she is. if she can’t take the heat, she should get out of the magic kingdom.

for starters, i can’t stand these overachieving kids. the kid’s got more money already then i’ll ever have in my entire life. let’s face the truth: disney is raking in the buko bucks on the little lady & mickey ain’t done hauling in the dough, yet, either.

do i feel bad for her that her puberty is being splattered all over the internet? no. i thought that she might have had some brains & refrained from the lindsay lohan / brittney spears / anna nicole smith / fill-in-the-slut here type of behavior so common to modern-day females who just so happen to be in the entertainment industry. however, i guess if you’re female, famous & between the ages of 14 – 37, common sense is something more elusive then anything else. sad.

so, there are stories of bra flashes & nude pics (which, i guess, aren’t nude pics but a bunch of lookalike nude pics but that’s still in dispute) & risque pics that aren’t nude pics but close enough & now she feels taken advantage of in a photo shoot &… you know what? shut the fcuk up. just shut the fcuk up.

stop posing for crap, rein in the hormones & get back to work. if this is a career move, it ain’t working. at the least, turn 17 first & then slut it up. at 15, it just looks wrong.

i was going to write more but i’m bored of this now. next topic.

thief 4…

so there are rumors that there will be a “thief 4” even though it won’t be called thief 4 because the console kiddies screwed up the series when the developers tried to suck the console kiddies’ genitals with “thief: sucky gameplay deadly shadows.”

please, don’t make this game. don’t try to “keep it real.” you guys killed the “thief” franchise & laughed the entire time. i don’t care if consoles are x times more powerful or have this, that & the other thing… the series is dead. you killed it. no more.

the doom 3 mod called “the dark mod” is, as far as i’m concerned, “thief 4.” not your crappy, climbing gloves, blue mist teleporting zones, lock-picking mini-game, can’t-swim-in-water-without-dying, short-sword carrying abortion of a franchise.

the least you fcuktards can do is release the source code for thief 1 & 2 so that thief fans can update it & make it worthy of modern-day computers.

the whizzball report…

start = 360. end = 356. net gain = +4.


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