poison something…

poison something, cured of ‘portal,’ wesley snipes & the whizzball report all after the break…

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poison something…

nature can go fcuk itself. look, i’m all cool with the birds & bears & trees & siht. fine.

my problem is with the poison ivy & poison oak & poison whatever the fcuk is all over my arm & partially on my face.

fcuk you, nature, earth day or not.

i’m guessing i got this crap while trying to clear off some unwanted vegetation from my parent’s backyard. i wore gloves, i wore long sleeves, i washed my hands… what the fcuk?

as you can tell, i’m in a bad mood. in fact, i was half-thinking of calling this entry “bad mood day” because more then nature is pissing me off right now but i won’t elaborate since blogs are public records.

cured of portal…

again, i’m in a bad mood so no to the elaboration.

let’s just say i’m over my portal phase. i’m glad that there’s some guy making a game called “portalized.” i’m glad the 3d realms & valve are in a portal arms race. good for us.

glad for everyone all around. happy happy joy joy… but i’m done with my portal phase.

wesley snipes…

this is a last second addition but i thought i’d throw it in just the same.

how many times do i have to tell people: the gov’t is addicted to cash like a crackhead is addicted to crack. ain’t nobody takin’ away the rattle from the baby without the baby howling like a banshee. snipes is lucky he only got 3 years.

maybe he can get prez bush to give him a pardon. i dunno. i guess this puts a damper on the “blade” franchise for now, huh?

next time, just pay your taxes.

the whizzball report…

started = 370. ended = 367. net gain = +2.


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