hollywood kids…

hollywood kids & the whizzball report all after the break…

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hollywood kids…

so, for some reason, i’ve seen a lot of articles pertaining to the children of popular entertainers.

i don’t know whether to despise these kids or pity them.

  • i guess i despise them because… at the end of the day, they materially get what they want. let’s face it – these kids won’t have to work an honest day in their entire lives if they don’t have to. stocking shelves? ha! working a cash register? unthinkable! from cradle to grave, these kids will be set for life as long as they don’t spend themselves into a poor house. meanwhile, the rest of us have to clip coupons & hope to heck the economy improves before our dreams of grandeur (read: retire before the age of 70) even has the faintest hint of reality to them.
  • i guess i pity them because… let’s face it – they’re losers. the bar hasn’t just been set high… it’s been set astronomically high & covered in poisoned barbwire. the spawn of the singer madonna, for example, has to live in the shadow of a woman who has uncharacteristically survived in the most ficklest of environments for over 2 decades – the music industry! madonna single-handedly redefined the meaning of pop star & could arguably be the closest thing to the female personification of frank sinatra’s song “i did it my way.” will we see another pop star like madonna in our lifetime? i don’t think so. sorry, kid. you lose.

its not hard to see, therefore, why so many of these kids turn to drugs & basic loser behaviors. “hey, kid, your father just won another oscar… what the heck have you done lately?” yeah, its unfair to expect lightning to hit twice. however, we live in a patently unfair world where it’s not what you know but who you know.

so, if you’re a son or daughter of someone really famous & you have stayed on the straight & narrow all of this time… congratulations! you’re one of the few.

the whizzball report…

started = 384. ended = 381. net gain = +3.


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