the popemobile…

the popemobile, cloverfield & the whizzball report all after the break…

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the popemobile…

so the pope is in the us for the first time since the bronze age or before gas was $1.20 a gallon, whichever seems more distant.

look, a lot of people take their imaginary friends quite seriously. when you’re 2 years old, it’s cute. when you’re 37 years old, something’s wrong. i’m not going to go on an atheist rant because that would be disrespectful but look deep into your hearts & just ask yourself if you really need an imaginary friend to be a nice person or do just need to be, you know, nice?

anyway, one of the problems i have with the whole pope thing is the popemobile. how can you possibly take a religion seriously when the name of the vehicle that the head of the religion is driven around in is called [head of religion]”-mobile”? couldn’t they come up with a better name? i know it’s shallow to make fun of an entire religion based on the name of one vehicle but… it’s the popemobile. who else owns a popemobile except for… you know, the pope?

good for him that he’s in the us. maybe he’ll take in a movie or two before he leaves.


i finally saw this movie awhile ago & i have a confession – it really wasn’t that bad of a film. ok, the twenty-somethings in the movie can get a little annoying at times. i hate overachievers & that’s what the main character in the movie is – an overachiever. he’s about to become vice head marketing whatever &, you know, in real life, most people who are that young who get that title for as big of a firm as he was supposedly going to are just ass-sucking, brown-nosing jerks who smile when they stab you in the back. if you’re an exception to that rule, good for you – pat yourself on the back, eat a twinkie in celebration & go away.

overall, the movie is pretty good for what it is. i don’t think they should’ve revealed what the creature looks like because the creature looks stupid. sorry. should’ve kept it in the shadows or seen only bits & pieces. the ending is also really stupid where the two main characters die (or, because this is one of those stupid puzzle movies, maybe they didn’t die or maybe they were robotic clones of the main characters who were switched out at the last minute or maybe they are just an allegory to a sudoku puzzle). i “get” what the director was trying to do but i hate depressing films & that was a depressing ending. when will films realize that i am not in the market towards being depressed – that’s what the economy & my paycheck are for.

anyway, nice movie, liked it more then i thought i was going to like it. hope they make a sequel with people who have the brains to run when the statue of liberty’s head rolls down their street instead of taking a picture of it on their fcuking camera phone.

the whizzball report…

started = 392. ended = 388. net gain = +4.


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