what to write…

what to write & the whizzball report…

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what to write…

so many topics, so little interest. ok, here it goes…

  • bittergate – it’s over. drop it. move on. hillary will probably win pennsylvania but bittergate did nothing but make hillary look shrill (again) by taking another obama comment out of context.
  • some dead norwegian – i guess a big thing overseas is that the daughter of some norwegian politician committed suicide because she got a low “e-meter” test score from a scientology thingy. you know, i was going to attempt to write something witty about this but the damn joke practically writes itself, so, why bother?
  • the miss usa pageant – i completely missed this phenomenon. can someone get this through their thick skulls – no one cares about beauty pageants anymore except for the contestants & their mothers who are living vicariously through their daughters. the problem with pageants is that they keep their clothes on. sorry but most people aren’t watching to hang on the contestants’ answers about how they’ll solve world hunger. the few times i’ve watched a pageant, the volume has always been muted because there’s just no point on listening to whatever drivel they spew. congrats whoever won it this year, though. you earned it… i guess. good luck in the world or universe or galaxy competition or whatever they call the final pageant. odds are, you won’t win because you’re from america & the world hates america.
  • tax day – it came. it went. of course, i filed as early as humanly possible this year so it didn’t matter much to me one way or the other.

the whizzball report…

started = 395. ended = 392. net gain = +2.


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