end of sam & max…

end of sam & max & the whizzball report all after the break…

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end of sam & max…

this is a late post, i went with my folks out to dinner so everything is being done super-quick. i played through the rest of the pc game “sam & max: season one” yesterday. eh.

ok. “eh” is harsh. however, i just can’t cotton to this whole “episodic” thingy. the episodes are too small & the sum aren’t equal to their parts. i was going to write reviews for each episode but i’m not going to bother, here’s the summary –

this is a nifty game if they included all the bells & whistles (read: bonus disk from the telltale version) & it’s $9.99. then it starts to stink of “win.” however, $19.99 for the normal retail version (read: the suck version) was just a wee bit too much. lots of smirk, not a single laugh. would’ve loved to have compared the 2004 version with this to see which one would win. 2004 version looks like it has better graphics… And that was in 2004. think about it.

everyone moans & bitches about a “big game” vs “episodic” but a “big game” means that you can have a puzzle that involves multiple areas which makes the game feel bigger then it is.

i dunno – i’m glad that there’s (supposedly) going to be a season 3 but i’m waiting until season 2 is $9.99 before i bother with this again. thanks for resurrecting sam & max.

the whizzball report…

started = 395. ended = 394. net gain = +1.


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