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yankee stadium, barack obama “bitter” comment, sam & max – episode 1 & 2, pixar movies, pulp novels & the whizzball report #1 & #2 all after the break…

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yankee stadium “red sox” jersey hokum…

normally, i wouldn’t write about something so stupid but this is the internet, where stupidity is awarded & adored.

anyway, for those of you out there unfamiliar with baseball (hey, i have no clue about soccer teams overseas so it could happen that, being a foreigner, you wouldn’t know), there’s a team called the “new york yankees” who are building a new stadium after 4 some-odd centuries in their current one. apparently, someone threw in a red sox jersey into the concrete foundation as some sort of curse. well, a day or so later, construction crews took it out.

this is just so damn stupid on so many levels i don’t even know where to begin.

  • throwing a red sox jersey into a concrete foundation will not bring about a curse. i know that athlete-types tend to be superstitious ‘tards because they can’t believe in their own abilities to win so they have to believe in some otherworld force but this is really stupid. curses don’t exist, weaknesses in peoples’ minds exist. if you can’t win, get a better team. the end.
  • the cost of removing the jersey from solid concrete. maybe it was a simple operation & maybe it wasn’t. either way, it wasted money & time for the oh-so-important task of removing a jersey. i highly doubt that the structural integrity of the concrete whatever was ever in any jeopardy before people tore it apart to remove the jersey. how structurally sound it will be now? who knows.
  • i’m bored with this topic. i was going to write more but why bother? ‘tards will be ‘tards & if they want to believe that eating five hot dogs before the game will help their team win… well, then, let me sell them their hot dogs. if they’re going to be stupid, the stupid tax may as well come straight to me.

the barack obama “bitter” flap…

i tried following this but then i started to laugh too hard to take it seriously. to reiterate, barack obama was giving a reason why small towns were so disenfranchised with the political process. well, he used the term “bitter” & the other two candidates then started attacking him because they thought he said that small towns were bitter.

this is the 2008 version of “global test” (political junkies will “get” that reference) but only much, much sadder & infinitely more ironic. so, a bunch of washington politicians who constantly angle for even the slightest political advantage (which annoys normal people to no end) now demonstrate said annoying property in full view of the public. sad. so sad.

to clinton – earth to clinton. you’ve lost the race. lost. as in, not won. even senior democrats want you out of the race now. bye bye. if the democrats lose in 2008, you’ll become the new ralph nader & the real ralph nader will be dancing the jig for a week because he’ll be off the hook for what he did in 2000.

to mccain – shut the fcuk up & sit down before you break a hip. as soon as the dems get their problems sorted out, those poll numbers of yours will start dropping faster then a [insert witty pop culture reference here].

to news media – stop encouraging this siht. remember in grade school where you ignore the obnoxious kid because all the attention was just making him more obnoxious? well, you’re doing that to clinton right now. stop it. clinton ain’t going to win. you know it. i know it. dems know it. even the thuglicans know it. and people wonder why i’ve switched to pbs for my news…

sam & max – episode 2…

so, i finished this game late last night. i actually thought that episode 2 was a slight improvement over episode 1. again, they had this crappy driving segment that didn’t fit the rest of the game. i don’t know why the driving segments are in there.

btw, these episodes are from the first season of sam & max, not the second. in case that wasn’t clear enough.

the humor wasn’t laugh-out-loud or, even this time, smirk-out-loud. maybe i’m just a hard nut to crack but the obvious puns for the shows “american idol” & “who wants to be a millionaire” just fell flat for me. i know this was made in 2006 but even by 2006, “who wants to be a millionaire” was nothing more then a fading memory.

i think the weakest part of the game as far as adventure game segments go was the cooking show. i know that we’re dealing with a world where a dog & rabbit are walking upright & no one has a problem with that. however, just adding spices from a spice rack doesn’t make a cake. sorry. they could’ve done something to explain that the cake was already in the oven or something. it just felt very strained.

i don’t know. now that i think about it, maybe it wasn’t such a good episode after all. it didn’t suck, though.

sam & max – episode 1…

i played this game earlier today. it was fun. i’m not about to name my first child “telltale” but i can see where both the accolades & the complaints are coming from. an experienced adventure gamer could probably fail a street sobriety test & still finish this game in one sitting. the humor was never guffaw-out-loud but there were plenty of cutesy, smirky moments that your average fps or rts could never dole out.

probably the poorest section was the driving section – it just didn’t fit the rest of the game. it would be like taking the star wars franchise & somehow turning it into a holiday tv speci… never mind.

overall, it was nice but i’m glad i bought the whole season for $19.99 & not $29.99. i’m currently playing episode 2 & my first reaction is… not bad. more later.

pixar movies…

so, the upcoming slate of pixar movies have been announced &… i must be getting old. really. i must finally be hitting that age range in life where excitement equates to me lifting one of my eyebrows briefly, uttering “eh” & then wondering what new & exciting porn sites i have yet to uncover on the internets.

really – i’m just not excited about the upcoming slate of pixar movies. with the exception of “wall*e,” there was no movie that made me think, “i must see that movie someday.” i dunno, i’m sure they’re chock full o’ quality & what not but the subject material is like “cars” – it just doesn’t inflate my interest. i won’t go through the movies line by line, there are already a whole host of blogs that have the blow-by-blow account of what each movie is & what the plot is all about & yakkity yak yak. needless to say, i think that wall*e will be the last movie i really pay attention to pixar to for a long while, considering how cgi films take 9 generations to make.

i could be wrong & some of these films will become timeless classics that touches the heart & opens the mind but… well, i think i’ve seen the last of the golden age of pixar. just like myself, the young & scrappy & inventive have slowly turned into “can i get home in time to catch the last of the ballgame?” type of mentality. oh well.

pulp novels…

i feel like writing a pulp novel. more on this later.

the whizzball report #1…

started = 402. ended = 398. net gain = +4.

the whizzball report #2…

started = 398. ended = 395. net gain = +3.


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