sam & max…

sam & max, supreme commander, more charlton heston & the whizzball report all after the break…

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sam & max…

so, my parents & i went out for dinner today which is why this is a late post. after dinner, we hit the usual places. one stop was at a store called “circuit city” which is a low-rent version of a “best buy” store, both of which are electrical devices (tvs, dvd players, games, dvds, etc.) stores.

circuit city has a decent selection of games but their prices for pc games suck. i feel like i’ve stepped into a time machine & have gone back 18 months whenever i look at their prices. dark messiah: might & magic collector’s edition still costs $59.99. no. i’ve seen it go for $29.99 about half a year ago. extrapolate that example to the rest of their games.

i actually felt sad for circuit city so i decided to bite the bullet & attempt to buy “sam & max: season one” for $29.99 there. ok, the price was a bit steep but i was in the mood for buying a game.

however, the cashier was helping these two people who look like they had woke up about half an hour ago from an overnight shelter for homeless people. i have no idea what the fcuk they were attempting to do but the cashier was having to go through all these crazy hoops for them. after waiting about 5 minutes, i said, “fcuk it” (not out loud, of course, because that would be impolite), put the game back & left.

we next went to “best buy.” ok, i know everyone hates best buy & every single best buy employee probably could rattle off about 5 fresh new horror stories every day about how their manager has sex with office furniture in plain sight of customers but they’ll never get fired because the store manager is a complete fool who is only using his position of store manager as a stepping stone to finance his lifelong dream of owning a golf course next to the apartment complex he owns thanks to his ties with the local town government that his construction company has a no-bid contract for.

anyway, they also had “sam & max” there for 10 bucks cheaper so i bought it there.

supreme commander…

i got so desperate over the weekend that i installed “supreme commander” (regular, not forged alliance) & attempted to play it.

to everyone who laughed at “total annihilation: kingdoms” because it didn’t have chris taylor’s spastic cum dripping off of the packaging, revenge is a dish best served cold. the mass extractors are future equivalents of ta:k’s mana thingies. it is just… that… blatant. for some stoned out reason, i guess they added energy stations as well just so the hardcore rts freaks of nature could have some micromanaging to keep them preoccupied from having actual fun.

really, cut the energy crapola out & you have ta:k with modern technology. wow. i was floored. ok, there are other bells & whistles in there as well but i just couldn’t believe it. rts fans are always so hard up about needing 15 different resources to build a freakin’ sword…

“no, no, man… first you have to chop the wood down using a ranger (cause they’re the only ones who can go into the forest without a movement penalty) & take it to the carpenter. then, you need to create a mine so you can extract the ore. now, you need the wood so you can have fire in the blacksmith so he can melt the ore into blanks. but, then, you need to have at least a tech 2 blacksmith who has the schematics to build a sword. now, if you have a copper mine, as opposed to an iron mine, then if you have an alchemist (who is also tech 2 – you built the library already, didn’t you?) you can fuse the copper & the iron together to make a tech 2 sword which is both stronger & lighter. however, tech 1 knights can’t carry the tech 2 sword. the only way you can get a tech 2 knight is if you built the barracks upgrade in the castle…”

fcuk that!

more charlton heston…

the man also made the movie “planet of the apes.” if you’ve never seen planet of the apes, the entire film is an allegory of african-americans taking over the planet. yeah, i broke the code, that’s what the movie is really about. ha ha, the white man, coming from a white man’s world, must live in the african-american’s world now. ha ha. funny code movie.

then, of course, you see the statue of liberty at the very end – this was before that shama-lama-ding-dong guy turned bruce willis into a ghost & how everyone was oh-so-shocked over that. well, the statue of liberty thing was the 1960’s equivalent of that.

anyway, charlton heston is still dead but i just wanted to write that.

the whizzball report…

started = 417. ended = 413. net gain = +3.


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