Weekend Edition…

i don’t know what to write, charlton heston & the whizzball report #1 all after the break…

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i don’t know what to write…

ok, here are a lot of little topics that i’m going to touch upon.

  • cameron diaz… apparently, she’s on the cover of some magazine. apparently, they airbrushed the siht out of it to make it look like she’s still attractive. look, the lady’s not old & i’m sure she’s a great neighbor but stop deluding yourself – until we find a way to get our cells to stop dying after they divide a certain # of times (*cough*stem cell research*cough*) then we get old, get wrinkles, sagging boobs & the whole bit. just accept the fact that you’re old & keep away from the crap (drugs, booze, overeating, lack of sleep, stds, etc.) that will make you look & feel even older.
  • airlines dying… is this “small airlines go bankrupt” week? did i miss that memo? every day it seems that a new small airline is going belly up. ata, aloha, skybus… not like i travel anyway.
  • sucky pc game prices… how am i supposed to boost the sagging us economy when all the pc games are still priced above the “suck” line? here’s a hint – your game is over a year old, drop the price! i was so desperate that i nearly bought “supreme commander: forged alliance” today at $29.95. really! of course, there’s no way i’m buying it at that price because i know that another expansion is going to come out & then, once the post-release hype on that wears down, everything will be bundled together for the “low low” price of $39.95 or some other similar price point. so, why buy now when you can save later? about the only thing i noticed on my weekly prowl of game prices is that “crysis” dropped $10 dollars. big whoop. wake me when it’s $19.95, then we’ll talk.

charlton heston…


ok, first off, my condolences to the family & all that other jazz. clearly, you never want to dance on the grave while the priest is still speaking at the funeral.

just to let people know what i’m talking about, charlton heston has died at the age of 84. yes, that charlton heston, the one who starred in ben hur & later lead the national rifle association (nra). there’s no official cause of death but he had alzheimer’s disease. you figure it out.

i’ll never completely understand why actors go republican & not just republican but full-blown conservative. you know, the whole concept of acting is to be expressive & have a range of expressiveness; that requires freedom of speech & free thought, something republicans (especially conservatives) just aren’t known to endorse. republicans are known for restricting speech, restricting free thought & just being general pains in the neck.

look, i’m not desecrating the man’s memory by reporting that it was always rumored that he was a bit, ahem, light in the loafers. just as the singer michael jackson had always been uncomfortably attached to the rumor of molesting small boys but never proven, charlton heston has never been able to shake the rumor that he was a homosexual. this isn’t me; the stories have been around for decades – google them if you want.

so, maybe all of this nra, eating red meat & acting all uber-conservative 24/7 was simply a front to throw off the reality that he had a taste for the man sausage.

regardless, i’m genuinely sad that the man is dead. loved his work in the omega man, even if that film was drenched in the 1970’s & never hung out to dry.

someday, people won’t die of alzheimer’s & alzheimer-related diseases. maybe this will jar the republicans into believing in medical research more then starting wars. of course, ex-president ronald reagan died (their hero) of alzheimer’s & that didn’t exactly light a fire under them, either.

the whizzball report #1…

started = 419. ended = 416. net gain = +2.

the whizzball report #2…

started = 417. ended = 416. net gain = 0.


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