the ruins…

the ruins & the whizzball report all after the break…

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the ruins…

so this movie is about to come out but since i don’t go to movies anymore it doesn’t really matter if it comes out, when it comes out or even why.

the movie is about a bunch of people who get trapped in mexico (who doesn’t?) by descendants of ancient mayans while exploring a ruin & realizing they’re being killed by talking killer vines.

that’s right. talking killer vines.

i have absolutely no sympathy for the people who get killed in the movie (and everyone gets killed in the movie, just like the book). yeah, i just spoiled it. oh well.

  1. wtf are these people doing in mexico? the only thing that mexico exports to us are drugs, illegal immigrants & montezuma’s revenge. fcuk that. stay home & save your money.
  2. talking killer vines. how retarded. the only time you should have talking killer vines is if your movie is called “evil dead,” “day of the triffids” or “little shop of horrors.”
  3. when will directors stop it with the depressing ending? i know, let me blow $10 bucks or more on a movie that will leave me even more depressed then when i walked in. if you want an artsy fartsy ending that will win over the latte-sipping artistes, then do it on the dvd where i never, ever have to see it ever. you’re not going to win an academy award, you schmuck – you’re a fcuking horror movie. entertain me & let me walk out of the theater feeling good that good can overcome evil in a fictional movie because it sure as heck doesn’t happen that often in real life.


the whizzball report…

started = 423. ended = 418. net gain = +5.


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