earth hour…

earth hour & the whizzball report all after the break…

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earth hour…

so, this event went by but because it was on a weekend i couldn’t have cared less.

first, it doesn’t even make sense – everyone, shut off your lights! hey, guess what? i do that every night for 8 hours already! so, what’s your point?

shut up, i know what the point is – blah blah the ice caps are melting blah biddity blah blah… look, if all you kids want to help save the environment, here’s what you do:

  • stop smoking the weed. look, all you environmentalist types are pot smokers anyway. fine, not all of you – most of you. there. so, if all of you environmentalist types just stop smoking the wacky weed, just think of how less smoke goes up into the air & how fresher the air will be. furthermore, all the extra money you’d save from not smoking weed could be spent buying clothes that don’t look like you’ve been living in a homeless shelter for the past month.
  • stop handing out pamphlets / fliers. how often have i been handed a flier or pamphlet by some idealistic tween twerp on the street about the usual planet-hugging issue? too many times! do any of you even think that someone reads one of those fliers & yells to themselves “oh my god! i never knew that car emissions was destroying the environment! what do i do?!!” of course not, you fcuking idiot. all the paper is simply thrown out & that paper, odds are, ain’t recycled. save the trees by not handing me your fliers full of crap.
  • move to the city. that’s right – go move to the city. that’s where all the mass transit is, ain’t it? you do know that cars pollute the environment & that buses & trains & subways are so much more efficient in moving people to destinations, right? so, go there. knock yourselves out. never touch a car again & feel that much more holier then thou.

i was going to continue with this but i’m bored so i’ll stop.

btw, if everyone just changed one regular light bulb for those fancy swirly-kind that supposedly last 90 years, a baby seal smiles. all of the light bulbs in my house are the swirly-kind. are yours?

btw to the btw, don’t think i don’t know about the led lights. the swirly-bulbs are going to be replaced by those someday. the baby seal will smile even wider.

the whizzball report…

started = 430. ended = 428. net gain = +1.

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