oh, canada…

canada & the whizzball report all after the break…

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i don’t know why everyone has such a love fest for canada. after all, every year, they bash in the skulls of about 250k+ seals because, apparently, their fathers bashed in seal skulls & their grandfathers before them.

i’ve heard all the arguments & spare me your pathetic pro-seal skull-bashing pitch. here are the ones i hear the most…

  • tradition! yeah, you know, when we were cavemen, we cooked meat over an open fire & hunted woolly mammoths. that’s tradition, too. however, we eventually moved on. personally, i skip the annual “let’s cook raw meat over an open fire just like our great ancestors did” event because i’ve evolved past that stage of my life. try to do the same, ok?
  • sustainable! yah, this is just a morbid argument. “see, we can kill the seals ’cause the survivors will just mate & make more seals. it’s like we never even killed ’em!” so, in other words, if i went into your town & butchered 25% of your population (sparing the kids, naturally, cause i care), then come back 2 years later & everything would be hunky-dory? yah.
  • economy! here’s another retard argument straight from the desperate minds of the losers. “see, if we don’t kill the seals, all the coastal towns will close up shop & we’ll lose our rustic, salty, antiquated charm & that would be bad & our culture will suffer…” no, here’s what you do – you evolve. you adapt. we live in the modern era now. no more whale oil lamps. no more milkmen. yeah, change can be a pain but reality is the only gig in town & you have to play. burying your head in the sand will not make reality go away.
  • environment! here’s a silly one… “see, we bash the seal skulls because there’s too many of them & they’ll over breed & they’ll destroy the delicate eco-system &…”… at this point, i just start laughing because anyone with a brain knows that this isn’t true. here’s a factoid the retards absolutely hate – we’re the ones destroying the environment, not the seals. the environment will adjust with the cyclical nature of animals; it always does. the problem is when you throw humans into the mix; the environment has nothing on us. the environment will adjust the seal population all by itself.

look, not all canadians are bad – just the ones that kill the seals, that’s all. you don’t need to kill the seals to prosper, to save the environment, to sustain antiquated traditions or because “you simply can.” go back to playing hockey, drinking “real” beer (ho boy, that’s a whole post all by itself) & exporting obnoxious comedians to hollywood. you’re good at that. let the seals be seals. they’ve got enough problems without people trying to kill them.

the whizzball report…

started = 439. ended = 436. net gain = +2.

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