late post…

a late post & the whizzball report all after the break…

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a late post…

so this post is extremely late & i don’t have much to say but i’ll say it anyway. where i live, there really are no pc games anymore. there’s wal-mart (a really big retail chain in the us, for those who don’t know) & then there’s a gamestop but it’s not a gamestop, more like the retarded cousin that the older kids are forced to play with version of a gamestop.

wal-mart has no bargains & their selection is limited to only aaa-titles. retarded cousin gamestop, admittedly, has actually gotten a little better as of late but it’s still aaa-titles at full retail or drivel that you couldn’t give away.

so, earlier today, my folks & i went out to the shopping district. we didn’t hit all the shops but at least we hit the big mall. at the mall, there was no pc game selection whatsoever. ok, that’s a lie – there was some selection but all at prices that far too steep to consider. everyone’s got money but not everyone’s a fool – some of those games have been out for over a year… time to mark them down.

  • deluxe edition of quake wars was us$39.99. not a bargain, i hate multiplayer.
  • sins of a solar empire – us$39.99. believe it or not, i almost bought this just because i was so desperate to pull the trigger on something. if it had been $29.99 that would’ve been close enough. maybe in another 6 months.
  • you are empty – us$x9.99. it was either 19 or 29, i can’t remember which. either way, it was too expensive because everyone keeps calling the game utter crap. too bad, i like fp.
  • gothic 3 – us$14.99. maybe if the company didn’t abandon the product & cleaned up the 5 trillion game-stopping bugs that it supposedly has, i’d buy it. it’s supposed to be what oblivion could’ve been if oblivion had some self-respect.
  • universe at war – us$x9.99. either 29 or 39 (probably 39). i hate the premise of the game where humans are just swept aside & watch aliens beat each other up. if aliens are going to beat each other up, do it on some other planet. “ha ha, humans are so primitive…” gee, how often have i heard that in a game…
  • turning point – i can’t remember the stupid price. it was too much given that everyone is taking a huge dump on the game even though i’m a sucker for alternate history.

i’m not a cheapskate – i just want a good value for a buggy piece of software that most developers aren’t going to support 6 months after they release it. so, after hemming & hawing, i figured my money was best spent back inside my wallet & not given to the wonderful cashiers who were engrossed in flirting with the jail bait customer in the low-cut v-neck. that’s customer service!

the whizzball report…

started = 443. ended = 438. net gain = +4.

the end.

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