visual basic…

visual basic & the whizzball report all after the break…

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visual basic…

ok, i’ll admit it – i like visual basic. i’m a bad guy. i like a “toy” language. i’m a hobbyist programmer. i don’t know how to code like you fcuking snobby c++ professionals. happy now?

i’m tired of all the trite little arguments against basic. you know what? i want to program today, not need a 5-year course and a master’s degree before i can make something relatively useful. multi-threading, garbage collecting, object-oriented… blah blah biddity blah blah. it all goes over my head.

sure, put a gun to my head & i could learn c++ or java or perl or python or [fill in your favorite super-dork programming language here]. it would take me a while but i could fumble my way through it.

however, i don’t need to – i have visual basic or, rather, had it. i had visual basic before bill gates & his army of mega-millionaire fcuk-ups decided to tear the siht out of visual basic & turn it into “visual”. i tried getting into – really, i did. in fact, i have not one but two separate versions of that fcuktard language (the learning edition, naturally, since i’m a cheap bastard). however, i just can’t wrap my little brain around it because there’s no need to – visual basic got the job done right the first time around.

so, whenever someone pisses on basic or other simple languages in general, i always get a little steamed. everyone has their preferences. some of us drive a jeep. others a sports car & others still a mac truck. guess what, kids? i don’t care that your language goes 0-60 in 1.2 seconds or your language can pull a boulder up a hill or your language can drive through the woods regardless if there’s a road or not.

i like my language, it does what i need it to do & i don’t need a fcuking phd to figure it out.

fcuk you, whoever green-lit visual you took away my fun.

the whizzball report…

started = #445. ended = #443. net gain = +3. days to #100 = whenever.

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