Weekend Edition…

something awful, changing oil, & the whizzball report #1 & #2 all after the break…

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something awful…

i’ve been surfing the internet for so long now that i’ve completely forgotten about some of the sites that i used to surf to back in the late 1990’s & such. of course, most of those sites are gone now because someone got tired or moved or even died at this point.

one of the sites i used to surf to every now & then was a site called “something awful” which is a potty-humor site that makes fun of everything. of course, potty-humor rules on the internet so they became big & famous & one of the authors of the website has since gone on to make a sihtload of cash along the way.

i stopped going to that website ages ago for one reason or another but i’ve forgotten why so it’s just best to leave it at that. anyway, i was feeling bored an hour or so ago so i thought i’d stop by to see if it was even still around (a lie, i was pretty sure it was around). sure enough, the website has changed & it looks like i had accidentally wandered into msnbc’s retarded little brother by accident instead.

really, i don’t understand the appeal of “something awful” & i don’t think that i ever will. i guess it’s a gathering place for people who think they’re too smart for the internet or something. i dunno. i used to know people like them, though – in high school, we had a bunch of kids who liked anything british simple because they thought everything british was better then what you could get here in the united states. in actuality, they were kids who just wanted to get laid & said stupid things so they could attract attention (mainly girls). sadly enough, girls are stupid when they’re young & actually fell for it & had sex with a good number of them.

the moral of the story is that people are stupid & are attracted to stupider things even if those stupider things are made by very smart people for the sole purpose of attracting stupid people. so, in that sense, job well done “something awful.”

changing oil…

i hate changing oil because, guess what? i’m not a mechanic. so, today, i changed oil in my car when i know darn well i should’ve changed oil in it about 2k miles ago.

my paranoia that i screwed something up on my car is unbelievably high even when i perform the simplest of maintenance. for all i know, my car’s tires will fall off, the hood will eject high into the air & the driver’s seat will be irrevocably stuck in the furthest back position all because i changed oil today. yeah, it’s silly. if i changed oil everyday for a living (i’m beginning to think that it might not be such a bad career move after all) i probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelash over it. i can remember when i used to drive through a city in order to get to work. the first time i had to do it was a terrifying experience that i hope will never happen again. after a few weeks, though, i was going through the city like i had lived there. so, who knows?

oh, yeah, today’s also easter.

the whizzball report #1…

started = #451. ended = #448. net gain = +3. days until #100 = whenever.

the whizzball report #2…

started = #448. ended = #445. net gain = +3. days until #100 = whenever.

more to come…

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