bill richardson…

bill richardson & the whizzball report all after the break…

blah blah blah “leaving comments” page… see how excited i am to do this post? i can’t even write the reminder correctly.

bill richardson…

so, bill richardson endorsed barack obama today & i don’t even care anymore. not that i’m in bed with the clinton campaign but richardson is irrelevant & so is his “evil-spock” beard.

bill, i know there’s zero chance of you ever reading this. in fact, i’m pretty sure that the only people who reads this blog are the spambots who keep thinking i’ll approve their crappy little spam messages even though i can clearly see that they are spam messages. ok, maybe a couple of people read my blog back when the whole spitzer thing detonated but they sure didn’t have anything to say.

look, you’re hispanic, you’re a governor, you’re an ambassador, i’m sure you can make julian fries… however, you blew it. the time to endorse obama was back when it mattered. remember texas? yeah, texas. that state – the one that could have put obama over the top. the one where he could’ve ended this whole thing. the one with all the hispanic people in it – the hispanicswho voted for hillary clinton in spades. that one.

your political timing sucks, your beard sucks & now your endorsement is next to worthless. unless you start living on the phone to woo superdelegates untilĀ  the phone is melded to your ear or move to pennsylvania to campaign non-stop until the last voter in that state casts their ballot, i don’t want to hear it. you blew it. next topic.

the whizzball report…

started = #452. ended = #451. net gain = +1. days until #100 = feels like forever. honestly, i forgot.

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