arthur c. clarke…

arthur c. clarke & the whizzball report all after the break…

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arthur c. clarke…

fcuk. i was all set to write about tibet & china & important stuff like that.

then, i found out that arthur c. clarke had kicked the bucket.


first, gary gygax drops dead & now arthur c. clarke joins him in geekdom heaven. i’m beginning to think that the end times is upon us.

ok, arthur c. clarke isn’t god &, like gary gygax, his best days were decades behind him. after all, he did write “3001.” i’m sorry, but… 3001. it was by no means 1,000 better then “2001.” heck, it wasn’t even at the level of 2001.

still… arthur c. clarke. give the man some props. the man was writing e-mails even before they were called “e-mails.” he was writing e-mails before the internet was the internet. grandpa was hooked up long before the kiddies were, you know what i’m sayin’? 2001 & rama (the first book, i think that the series slid after the first but that’s just my opinion) are kings amongst sci-fi literature. the man did predict communications satellites.

i’m bummed out. too many big people dying this year.

the whizzball report…

started = #462. ended = #461. net gain = 0. days until #100 = 324.


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