portalized, why i don’t link & the whizzball report all after the break…

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it’s a slow news day & even if it wasn’t a slow news day, i don’t feel like writing much. initially, i wanted to write this much later on but since it’s a slow news day & i don’t care, here it is.

there’s a game that will be coming out (hopefully) called “portalized” & it’s going to be the free version of the game “portal.” no bullsiht, imagine the game “portal” but now imagine not having to go through all the “steam” bullsiht & stuff like that. nifty, right? i thought so.

personally, i don’t know why everyone is carving statues for the game “portal.” portals in games aren’t revolutionary but it’s the “valve effect”; if valve says it, then it must be true. same thing with the gravity gun & fps & all of that; Actually, they’re a little like apple corporation & all of their ‘i’siht products that aren’t revolutionary but because their leader wears a black turtleneck (a clear sign of pure genius if there ever was one) then everything he says must be true.

anyway, the game isn’t out yet & like all amateur “i’m doing this in my spare time” titles, it may not be out ever. however, it could be out & what a trip to see the game if it ever does get out.

why i don’t link…

a lot of you are wondering (fine, not a lot of you; probably the 3 or 4 spambots who frequent here in the foolish hope of spreading your spam in my comments field) why i don’t do any sort of fancy links or anything like that. it’s really simple – i’m lazy & there’s google. everyone knows about google. just look it up on google & you’ll find it. end of that discussion.

whizzball report…

started = #463. ended = #461. net gain = 2. days until #100 = 318.

the end.


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