martini ranch…

martini ranch, james randi & the whizzball report all after the break…

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martini ranch…

don’t ask me how i stumbled upon this band because it would take far too long to describe the path of websites i traveled across before i found out about them. end result was that i found the band.

before anyone wets themselves with excitement, the band is defunct & judging from the one song i listened to their sound is squarely cemented into the 1980’s with no possibility of returning.

what is really surprising about this band is that it was led, at one point, by bill paxton – yes, that bill paxton who is best known to movie audiences as the whiny bitch who kept cackling “game over, man” in the movie “aliens” before someone in a rubber suit thankfully dragged him underneath the floor where he was killed & digested (the character, not the actor).

anyway, i watched one of his songs on youtube called “how can the labouring man find time for self-culture?” or something like that. needless to say, the word “devo” came immediately to mind. this is a video that, if you’re a young turd who can’t remember the 80’s because you were too young or not even born yet, well – that was the 80’s. enjoy. aren’t you glad you live in a more civilized age? i’m sure you do. in all fairness the video isn’t bad, james cameron directed, the band devo is featured & there are more celebrity cameos then you can shake a stick at.

it’s always funny seeing older actors back when they were young & scrappy & willing to do crap in order to succeed in hollywood. linda hamilton is now a has-been & i can’t even remember her being in anything remotely recent. i remember her being in terminator 2. that’s it. michael biehn (who you see for about 3/10ths of 1 second) was in grindhouse but that was a sympathy role, otherwise, the man lives in direct-to-dvd land while occasionally visiting his cottege in direct-to-cable-channel world. bill paxton starred in some movie about god talking to him & an axe which he killed people but that was it. now he’s on hbo where he has three wives & i never watch that kind of stuff because if i want porn there’s skinemax, the real hard stuff or the internet.

anyway, it’s a funny video & you should watch it.

james randi…

i’ve kind of put off broaching the topic. the man is old & old farts deserve our respect because, let’s face it, if we don’t be careful, we’ll be old farts someday too. personally, i’m not looking forward to receiving my permanent old fart membership card in the mail because life already sucks a bit too much now & it only gets worse as your body decays, your income shrinks & the meds increase depending upon how badly your doctor needs his next set of golf clubs.

so, he used to be a magician & now he busts psychics or tries to bust psychics because psychics are just too clever for him to test because they’re never willing to be tested. he used to have a prize for demonstrating psychic ability & in a couple of years he won’t & i have no idea what the rationale is behind that – you’ll have to ask him. i used to really dig going to his web site to read his weekly rant against stuff but i think he’s fallen into that bitchy old grandpa mode that i can’t stand. the man looks like he’s about to drop dead on any given week so maybe that’s why i still follow him a little but, still, the man needs to loosen up a bit. here’s to hoping you live until 120.

the whizzball report…

started = #475. ended = #471. net gain = +4. days until #100 = 321.

the end.


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