the hulk…

the incredible hulk, i forgot what i was going to write about & the whizzball report all after the break…

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the incredible hulk…

supposedly, someone is stupid enough to make another film about this b-list superhero & before you get insulted that i just called a fictional superhero a b-list superhero – yes, he is. get over it.

anyway, they have a trailer for the movie. i haven’t seen it because i’m really not interested in seeing it. yes, i’ve turned into an old man but i’m also saving money by doing so.

anyway, my question is this – when the incredible hulk turns into the incredible hulk, everything seems to get larger, right? muscles get larger, he gets taller, the works. ok, but what about his genitals? do they get larger or do they remain the same? i know that question sounds entirely 100% closet case but they created the superhero, not me. i think she-hulk’s breasts grow larger when she gets angry so i’m guessing that he-hulk’s genitals must grow as well. i think in real life, body size doesn’t equate into genital size because i used to work with a woman who knew a woman who used to have sex with a lot of college basketball players (won’t say which college) even though she wasn’t supposed to because she wasn’t “of age” yet – but, anyway, she mentioned that a lot of college basketball players had teenie peenies.

actually, in truth, i think his genitals must shrink because there’s no way a superhero can get that buff without seriously hitting the steroids. that thing must be the size of a friggin’ acorn. ok, i’ve grossed myself out. next topic.

i forgot what i was going to write about…

actually, that was true at the time i wrote that at the top but now i remember what i was going to write about.

ok, first thing’s first. i read an article that 1 in 4 chicks have an std. to me, that’s hysterical. that means that the 3 out of 4 chicks just ain’t trying hard enough. time to hit the bars a little harder, ladies.

next, just a bit more on the elliot spitzer mess. while everyone is creaming their shorts over pictures of the ho that spitzer banged – ok, tangent – i don’t feel bad for this ho for even one second. you deserve all of the negative publicity that you get, honey. you did something illegal. you also broke up a marriage willingly (yeah, right, you didn’t even recognize your own friggin’ governor, don’t give me that bullsiht). sadly, you’re probably going to get booked onto oprah or ellen or 60 minutes & spill your guts & make tons of money like jared fogle (the fat fcuk from subway’s, remember him?). hey, jared’s single now – maybe the two of you… nah.

where was i? oh, yeah, spitzer. anyway, i just think it’s funny that while everyone is looking at the ho, no one is realizing that *shocking moment* someone who just so happens to be jewish ran this whole outfit from the start. of course, in this country, people who just so happen to be jewish can do no wrong so i’m sure it was all just a huge misunderstanding. nothing to see here. move along.
the whizzball report…

started = #476. ended = #475. net gain = +1. days until #100 = 322.

the end.


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