tucker carlson…

tucker carlson, elliot spitzer, hd vmd & the whizzball report all after the break…

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tucker carlson…

i just heard that this guy’s show on msnbc got canceled. like all people who are wealthier then me, i can’t feel bad for the guy. you’re making $$$. you’re on msnbc. you’ll rebound & make even more dough. my sympathy? not as valuable as you might think.

the guy’s a conservative who sounds like he’s trying to be a centrist. he ditched the bow tie (good move – it made you look like a closet case). tucker’s biggest claim to fame was getting his political bell rung by comedian-turned-political commentator jon stewart back when tucker was slumming it on the now mothballed (and well deservedly so) “crossfire.”

i can’t imagine how the news could be “canceled” but, nowadays, its not the news but how you present it that gets the ratings. this is why i watch bulk tons of pbs – no bullsiht commentator trying to sell their new book or other pet philosophy. why can’t news people just report the news? i don’t want your fcuking opinion on [insert topic of the day here]. just give me my news.

i’m sure he’ll recover & make tons of dough. the equivalent of an unemployment line for neo-cons is the newspaper editorial. they’re a dime a dozen there.

elliot spitzer…

damn. first, i thought writing about boobs & sluts was how you got hits to your blog.

nah. report that gary gygax, prince of geeks, kicks the bucket. unfortunately, a guy can only kick the bucket once before he’s old news. sorry, gary. that’ll bring the masses to your pathetic blog.

nah. just write “elliot spitzer” & the whole fcuking world arrives on your doorstep. slow down, padres… i’m just a regurgitator like 99.99999% of all the other worthless blogs out there. i’m a cyber-parrot on the shoulder of people who matter.

the fact that this guy hasn’t resigned yet just screams “classless” as far as i’m concerned. i’m sure there’s some sort of back room deals going on to make sure he doesn’t get fed the “hot dog surprise” from the penitentiary menu. however, if this guy doesn’t quit in 24 hours, it’s time for the dems to get a backbone & call on him to quit. enough already.

hd vmd…

i think i’m going to start promoting this thing just to spite blu-ray.

you know, hd vmd players can play regular dvds & is an upconverter, which means that they can play dvds at near-hd quality. considering that hd vmd players are under $200 bucks, why not buy one for yourself. i’m actually thinking of buying one to tell you the truth.

the whizzball report…

started = #488. ended = #480. net gain = +5. days to #100 rank = 324.

the end.


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