elliot spitzer…

elliot spitzer & the whizzball report after the break…

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i don’t feel like using capital letters today. cope.

elliot spitzer…

so, elliot spitzer, the new york governor, got caught having sex with a high-priced prostitute.

i dunno. first off, no chick is worth a four-figure bj (or whatever shoots the sperm out of that crank of his). they just aren’t.

second, if you’re going to go into the political world as pollyanna, then do yourself a favor & avoid the fcuking mud! it’s one thing to be a governor & get caught with your penis in a vagina that isn’t attached to your wife. it’s another thing to come from a prosecutorial background where his specialty was going after the very people he decided to go to bed with.

third, if you’re going to be a sexual psycho, why not marry someone remotely compatible to your innuendo morbidity? you’ve already got a wife. doesn’t she like to play dress-up or something? do chicks just lose their mojo after a certain age & you need to “break a 40 for two 20s” as the saying goes? look, i don’t know how things are in the bedroom of a bunch of old coots – i ain’t there yet, thankfully. however, it ain’t my fault the old age truck ran over the both of you & backed up for good measure.

i can’t have any sympathy for this guy whatsoever, democrat or otherwise. he, quite simply, did it to himself. the fact that he hasn’t resigned yet just speaks volumes of how shameless our politicians have gotten when it comes to scandals – thanks, bill!

the whizzball report…

started = #489. ended = #485. days before #100 = 325.

the end.


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