the lottery…

Lottery tickets, the democratic primary, UserError & the Whizzball Report all after the break…

Note – I have no idea why my blog appears so cruddy today. It must be WordPress thing. I can’t believe someone hacked the site because hardly anyone comes here anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes…

lottery tickets…

I bought a lottery ticket today. Usually, I don’t buy lottery tickets because the lottery is stupid. The odds are tremendous that you won’t win squat & all that money you piss away to the lottery over the years could have been spent on something tangible then the fleeting dream of being wealthy. However, I was at the gas station & the lady cashier was out of $5 dollar bills & she was going to have to hand me a $5 so I just told her to give me a lottery ticket. She broke some new $5 dollar bills anyway. Jerk.

So, now I have a lottery ticket. I hate the lottery because they always claim that the lottery gives money back to the state but where does it go? I still see potholes in the streets & bridges that aren’t repaired & state employees who couldn’t care less whether or not they transfer you to the correct extension. In the end, the lottery is a stupid tax & if you took all the money you pissed away on the lottery & invested it you would have a lot more money then if you played the lottery. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t want to tell you this because playing the lottery gives them more money. Aren’t you glad you elected those losers into office?

democratic primary..

Fcuk. Thank you, Texas & Ohio, for keeping this stupid format war going for another 7 some-odd weeks. Could you be any more retarded? Apparently not. Hopefully, Pennsylvania comes to it’s senses & ends this thing once & for all. Idiots.

The Whizzball Report…

Speaking of idiots, I slipped 2 places from #509 to #511 when I started today. I hate it when people do that to me. Fortunately, I made up a lot of ground quickly. It seemed like I would be stuck at #508 but, at the very end, I made some progress & wound up at #505. #100 didn’t change which means I’m 330 days away from the top #100.


My final word on the “UserError” mod for TRON 2.0 – Apparently, the mod is actually 2 mods called “UserError” & it’s sequel “UserError 2.” The first 6 or so levels are the original “UserError” mod & they mostly suck. Sorry. Misplaced textures, sihtty voice acting with crappy tacked on digital audio effects… Only the most die-hard TRON 2.0 player would put up with the bullsiht. In fact, I didn’t – I went into god mode early on & kept it there.

The quality gets bumped up a notch or two in “UserError 2” for the first 2/3rds to the point where someone obviously spent at least a little time trying to make the levels look like they belong. Are they TRON 2.0 quality? No, but they don’t suck like the original “UserError” levels.

Finally, for the last 3 levels (the first one being the one where you have to rebuild the recognizer), the quality becomes ALMOST TRON 2.0. I have to be honest that I was impressed. Hats off to the dev team for those levels. There’s still some amateur spots even in those levels (the “glittery” cave comes to mind) but the quality is such a step up from the levels at the beginning that you can almost forgive them.

I dunno – There’s a lot about the mod that I just don’t like. The quality is mostly amateur with some of the humor so ham-fisted that it’s hard to do anything but roll your eyes (note the not-so-subtle jabs at Buena Vista Interactive & James Bond homage). I guess I just expected more from a team that kept billing themselves as the elite of TRON 2.0 mappers. If they would release the last 3 levels as a standalone, I’d be more impressed. To play through all that dreck to get to the levels that don’t suck, though, is just not worth it. My thoughts for what it’s worth.

The End.


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