gary gygax…

Gary Gygax, south america, the Whizzball thing & some other stuff all after the break…

Gary Gygax…

Before I had learned that Gary Gygax had died, I was thinking of writing about Brett Favre retiring. No offense but Brett Favre can’t hold a candle to the significance that was Gary Gygax. Besides, every football (yes, American football for you foreign dweebs who burst a vein in your foreheads every time we Americans say football even though it’s not your pansy soccer sport) hack is going to verbally hump Brett Favre with praise so why should I join in?

For those who don’t know, Gary Gygax co-created (yes, I know about the controversy about who created what & the legal pissing match that ensued but just bear with me) the pen-&-paper role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons.” As far as a lot of people are concerned, he is the “Father of Role-Playing Games” & is the reason why religious nutcases thought we would all be worshipping demons or some other fear-mongering crap back in the late 70’s & early 80’s.

For me, Dungeons & Dragons will always be the nerd game because back when I played it only nerds played it. I played D&D with the best of them but I wasn’t a photocopying, house-rules fanatic like some people were. I’m not trying to make myself out as cool because, trust me, I got bit by the RPG bug as hard as anyone else back in those days.

I dunno. I’m sad the man is dead but D&D, for me, will always be the nerd game where the only chicks who ever played were ugly chicks & they never wanted to have sex with you not that you’d have sex with them because they were pretty darn ugly. No other chicks would have sex with you either because as soon as they realized you played D&D they’d treat you like a diseased zombie to be eternally ignored at all possible cost.

South American War…

When will these idiots start killing each other? I was so hoping that they would go nuclear but I guess their entire military strategies at this point is to amass their monkey men at the border & make threatening speeches to each other. Boring! Maybe something will happen tomorrow but I doubt it.

The Whizzball Report…

People irritate me. Two bozos slipped past me at some point so I started the day at #514 instead of the #512 where I finished yesterday. Fortunately, my progress was good & when I finished I was at #509. Unfortunately, idiots high above me are still playing the game which means there’s a new #100 which means my new estimate to reaching the top 100 is in 331 days now. Darn it.

The End.


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