i’m tired…

Jimmy Kimmel, Whizzball Report & the personal challenge all after the break…

Jimmy Kimmel…

So, I’ve seen the Internet memes “I’m fcuking Matt Damon” & it’s sequel “I’m fcuking Ben Affleck.”

I think those two examples are enough to say definitively that Jimmy Kimmel should retire before people remember that he could do better.

Just for those who live under a rock – Jimmy Kimmel is the host of a late night talk show. A long-running & very stale gag is that, at the end of each broadcast, Kimmel apologizes for not having time to interview the movie star Matt Damon. Ha ha, it hasn’t been funny for over a year now. Matt Damon, being the publicity whore that all movie stars tend to be nowadays, has run with it & been involved in a series of gags centered around the show.

Now, we have Matt Damon’s “revenge” in an Internet meme called “I’m fcuking Matt Damon.” Apparently, a comedienne named Sarah Silverman is currently dating Jimmy Kimmel. If you don’t know who Sarah Silverman is then you’re better off then I am. In brief, she’s an ugly chick who makes very offensive jokes (if you think “Andrew Dice Clay” but without any of the wit, charm & grace then you’re close enough) & everyone thinks that it’s funny because an ugly woman is doing it instead of a male chauvinist. So, she & Matt Damon teamed up to make a stupid music video called “I’m fcuking Matt Damon.”

First, the video is stupid. Of course, stupid is synonymous with popular on the Internet so it became popular.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel has a response music video called “I’m fcuking Ben Affleck” that is crawling with celebrity cameos. The video is a one-trick pony – Jimmy Kimmel, a man, is having sex with another man. Ha ha. That would be funny if they did that in the early 90’s.

About the only positive thing I can say about the video is that it confirms that:

  • Huey Lewis is alive.
  • Harrison Ford needs the work.

I don’t know what to say about Jimmy Kimmel – Why is he popular? What’s his angle as a comedian? Is he trying to corner the “I’m a pudgy version of Howard Stern” market? I don’t know. I don’t watch late night talk shows & he fell off the map when he left “The Man Show.” I’m just getting sick of stupid things becoming popular. That needs to stop.

Whizzball Report…

I’m really getting tired of people trying to pass me on the Whizzball rankings. I slipped 2 spots after yesterday from #555 to #557. So, after a bit of work, I came back, blasted through my old top ranking & then added a bit onto it to wind up at #549. Onward to the #530’s…!

The Personal Challenge…

I’m really tired & frustrated today, so I’m just going to try & avoid harming anything that is sentient.

The End.


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