Lunokhod, Whizzball, Christina Ricci, & the personal challenge all after the break…


I keep forgetting to write about this wonderful invention. This is pretty freakin’ cool & I am so glad I was finally informed of its existence.

OK, say what you will about the Soviet Union – They spied on you, cemented you into walls if you batted an eyelash the wrong way, long lines at the supermarket, ugly chicks, you name it.

However, these guys built a freakin’ Moon rover back in the 1970’s that actually went to the Moon & worked! How cool is that?! What do you call that? Spacepunk? Sovietpunk? Wow! Anyway, it even has a cool name – Lunokhod!

Go read about this stuff. It’s pretty darn cool…

Whizzball Report…

I started off at 576. Yes, I know – Some punks slipped past me since I had last played. My happiness factor was not very high. So, anyway, I quickly got back to my old rank & then surpassed it. My new rank is 568. Slowly working my way up to #1…

Christina Ricci…

The only time my blog ever gets any amount of hits is when I talk about women & nudity. Go figure. So, anyway, a picture of Christina Ricci’s cha-chas are floating around the Internet. Apparently, she lost her brain at some point & decided to get a tattoo on one of her cha-chas. Then, to make sure the brain pan was empty, she decided to have a picture taken of it by the tattoo artist, sans face to insure privacy (insert snickering here).

Personally, I don’t “get” the appeal of Christina Ricci – She was that creepy-looking kid in the Addams Family movies who grew up to be the creepy-looking young woman. At some point, she had a breast reduction because some women don’t like having large breasts. I don’t know why. That’s just the way it is.  I’m sure she’s a great person deep down inside. Somewhere.

So, anyway, I’ve seen the supposed photo & I’m just not impressed. I guess it’s true what they say that the right bra makes all the difference in the world because had that rack been attached to some meth-faced hooker, I wouldn’t have doubted it for a minute.

Personal Challenge…

OK. I didn’t chop 2 gigs off of my hard drive yesterday. It was more like 1.5 gigs. Rather then go the easy route & just burn some CDs of stuff I haven’t touched on my hard drive in months, I decided to go the somewhat harder route & just delete the little crap that has slowly accumulated over the past few years. Programs that I installed & used for about a week & then lost interest in, that sort of thing. I’ll chop the remaining giggage later.

For my new personal challenge, hmmm… I don’t know. I’ll get back to you on it.

The End.


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