John McCain, Whizzball, HDTV & the personal challenge all after the break…

John McCain…

I have no love for this guy. No offense. However, the whole NY Times article about the affair isn’t the bombshell I thought it was going to be. I think he’s going to slip away & probably be stronger as a result of it. The last thing you ever want to give your opponent is a bystander’s sympathy. Even that Limbaugh fella took a break from bashing him to bash the NY Times.  Oh well. Maybe something will emerge from the scandal but I don’t think so.


I think I’m just going to start posting my Whizzball rank just for kicks. Today I’m at 572. Good for you if you’re ahead of me.


I dunno. I’m just not impressed. Maybe the screen is too big & that’s why it’s not crystal sharp or whatever. Maybe the channels are crappy. Maybe the cable is crappy. Maybe the shows are crappy. I was expecting a crystal clear picture. I guess I’ll get used to it – It’s the future, after all.

The Personal Challenge…

I went through a bunch of envelopes yesterday, more then 10. My life is a little less cluttered because of it.

So, for today’s challenge, I’m going to wipe at least 2 gigs off of my hard drive. That’s a bit steep but I think I can do it.

The End.


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