return of the personal challenge…

Fidel Castro, HD-DVD, Ben Stein & the Return of the Personal Challenge all after the break…

Fidel Castro…

I’m sorry the man is old, I’m sorry that he’s dying but I just don’t feel sorry for this guy. He overthrows one dictatorship to form another. I don’t get it. If you want sympathy, do something good for others. Imprisoning people just because they don’t like your legislation does not get you onto too many Christmas card lists. Of course, Fidel’s brother, Raul, has the chance to look like an absolute saint if he plays his cards right. He can go down as the Man Who Re-Opened Cuba to Sanity Again & vilify his brother in the process. Ouch.

Ben Stein…

Geez, OK. First off, I’m not picking on him because he’s Jewish so I don’t need any radical ADL hyperness. Put the legal-sized paper down & hear me out.

First, I haven’t seen this guy too much since “Win Ben Stein’s Money” went off the air. Apparently, too many interviews where the camera angle is from the shoulders up has convinced him that he’s never met a Twinkie that he doesn’t like. Time to go back to performing more sit-ups.

Second, it looks like his brain has taken a turn for the loony. I saw most of an interview of him not too long ago. I feel sorry for ultra-conservatives because the first thing that goes must be the common sense. I guess the new anti-evolution is to ask a lot of questions about evolution that can actually be answered but the anti-evolutionists don’t want to believe the answers so they just claim that there aren’t any answers & if they hold their fingers in their ears long enough, the bad reality will all just go away. For someone who was once regarded as intelligent, I feel kind of bad for him. Actually, I don’t feel kind of bad for him because I just can’t work the gumption up to feel bad for someone so out of step with reality. Here’s hoping his doctor adjusts his meds.


Crap. I was rooting for these guys to win. It doesn’t matter – I won’t be buying a Blu-Ray DVD player for another five years at least, anyway. By then, a player will cost $99 bucks & the movies will be what normal DVDs cost already.

My personal challenge of the day…

I miss the personal challenge because I was actually cleaning myself up quite nicely & being productive. Chalk it up to just another character flaw that I have preventing me from retiring obnoxiously rich at an early age.

So, for tonight, I’m going to clip my fingernails.

The End.


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