Weekend Edition…

Arlen Specter, Bioshock & street racing after the break…

Arlen Specter…

This person just needs to stop being such a whiny btich. Stop. I used to have respect for you. You were one of the first republicans to smack George Bush down. Fine. You’re a “reformed” (even though we all know there is no such thing) republican. Good for you.

The Super Bowl is over, all of you Patriots-haters got exactly what you wanted – A New York Giants victory. You’ll be able to rub that victory into the noses of Patriots fans for the next quarter-century. You’ve got Spygate (which you’ve had no hesitation of dropping until you’re too old to remember your own name).

You know what? Now you just look pathetic. A pathetic little politician who knows your number is up this coming November when the democrats sweep the Congress & the Presidency. Actually, I almost want you to be a whiny little btich during the last months of your relevancy so that when they finally boot your butt out of having even a morsel of actual power, we can look back on these final months as being your egotistical meltdown.


I’ve got no desire to play this game anymore. None. I’d love to wipe it off of my hard drive but my Dad wants to play the game. Maybe I’ll just wipe most of my save games out to free up some space & tell him to have at it.

I think, in the final verdict, it was the respawning enemies that finally forced me to quit. I hate respawning enemies. I don’t understand why game designers keep adding them to games. Stop it! Stop with the respawning enemies! Ridiculous…

Street Racing…

OK, I’ve heard enough about the street racing accident to make a comment or two. Just for the unenlightened, a crowd of illegal street racing enthusiasts gathered to watch cars drag race somewhere in Maryland. The cars took off & the crowd piled into the street to watch the cars race away & cheer & do all the stuff that, I guess, illegal street car racing enthusiasts do.

Well, everyone had apparently checked their brains at the door because a car then came by & accidentally slammed into the crowd, killing a whole bunch of them.

What’s my verdict in all of this?

  1. I feel absolutely no sympathy for the people killed. None. They endangered their own lives & the life of a completely innocent driver who was using the road that they had carelessly wandered onto for a complete legitimate purpose. I feel bad for their friends & family who lost a loved or cherished one but I can’t even feel totally bad for them because they probably knew that they engaged in this illegal “sport.”
  2. The man driving the car ought to be given a new car (unfortunately, his old car looks pretty beat up because of all the idiots he accidentally ran into) from the sale of assets from the idiots he ran into & over.
  3. The drivers, should they ever get caught (which they probably won’t), should be put in jail for the rest of their lives & their cars smashed into cute little cubes.

Admittedly, I don’t get “street racing.” In fact, I don’t get “NASCAR” either. I also don’t get dog fighting, cock fighting or “extreme fighting.” Driving isn’t a sport, it’s a responsibility bestowed upon mature people who want to enhance their lives. In a day of $3-dollar-a-gallon gas (And much higher in other places, not the least of which are other nations), I find it excessive that people will waste what is ultimately a non-renewable resource for the cheap thrill of going fast. If you want to go fast, get onto a roller coaster & have fun.

Had that been me in the car accidentally driving through people, you can bet the farm that I’d be suing just about everyone in that crowd right now, along with the drivers & anyone else found complicit involving that race. I’d be suffering from material damage, physical injury & emotional trauma for absolutely no reason whatsoever because a group of sasholes thought it amusing to engage in an activity that they knew was clearly illegal. This wasn’t giggling while telling a white lie amongst your friends; This was willful engagement in an illegal activity that carried a high probability of physical harm.

More to follow…


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