he was such a quiet boy…

College shootings, Mythbusters, Big Brother & Fraggle Rock after the break…

College shootings…

In the 1980’s, it was mass murders at post offices & restaurants. Nowadays, it’s high schools & colleges. What gives?

Look, just stop shooting people, OK? Put the gun down, take a quiet moment for yourself & go talk to someone. Stupid kids…


Finally, a decent episode. No movie myths, no fakey product testing but we’re not going to call out the product… Just testing myths. I like that. OK, one of them had a movie-like background to it but it wasn’t overly blatant like in previous episodes. Another myth had a sort of cartoon background but I guess I can forgive that one as well.

Big Brother…

This show just needs to drop off the face of the Earth. Please. There may be extra-terrestrials watching. Do you really want this show to be our first impression of us for them? I’m surprised that CBS didn’t advise a way to have all the contestants walking around nude, popping Viagra & Spanish Fly like they were Pez. Really. Just stop. Please.

Putting them in sleeping bags & beds together… Edward R. Murrow would be just so damn proud right now…

Fraggle Rock…

Watching this show makes me sad. The show was made over twenty years ago & yet you would never know it (OK, maybe a little based on the human & Traveling Matt segments but those have aged pretty well, all things considered). I feel sad for the kids nowadays having to suffer through the ADHD-riddled excuses for modern “edutainment.”

If you’ve got small kids, do them a favor & show them some episodes of “Fraggle Rock.”

I know that celebrities flame out all the time; There’s no guarantee that Jim Henson would be hitting home runs if he were still alive today but darn if I didn’t have a time machine & attempt to stop fate anyway just to see what a Jim Henson-enhanced 21st century would’ve looked like. Dang it. Dang it all.

The End.


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