Sports Illustrated’s “Swimsuit Edition” & Stair Dismount 2 after the break…

Sports Illustrated’s “Swimsuit Edition”…

I understand that the pictures for the latest Sports Illustrated’s “Swimsuit Edition” are currently circulating that wonderful series of tubes known as “the Internet.” My question is – How is this “edition” even relevant? Look…

  1. Let’s call the “edition” what it actually is – A poor kid’s version of a pornographic magazine, OK? It’s airbrushed sluts in bikinis. Odds are, your average 12-year old isn’t pouring over the magazine to analyze the swimsuit colors.
  2. Why does this magazine still exist? If you want nudity (which this magazine is as there’s a heck of a lot more “skin” then “swimsuit” shown), just go the Internet & have your fill. If you want to look at gorgeous women, again, go to the Internet.
  3. This edition has nothing to do with “sports.” There is no “sports” about it. These are not athletic swimwear that they are (barely) wearing. Most of the time, these are not female sports athletes are flaunting themselves.
  4. Let’s address the issue of “topless” for just a moment. I see the word “topless” a lot &, apparently, at some point, the meaning of the word must have changed. The cover of this year’s “Swimsuit Edition” describes the slut as “topless.” Here’s the classical definition of “topless” – A woman that has no obstructions between your eyes & her breasts. That’s “topless.” What appears to be “topless” nowadays is any woman who does not have any clothing on from the waist up. If you have your arm across your breasts, you are not topless. If you have your hands covering your breasts, you are not topless. If you have a sihtload of bead necklaces that are artfully obscuring your breasts, you are not topless. If you have body paint on that are covering your breasts, you are not topless. If you have your back turned to the camera then that is a naked back & you are also not topless. See? Easy to follow. If you really want to cover yourself up, then why not be a rebel & put some actual clothes on, Mkay? You are not fooling anyone.

Someone intelligent (there has to be at least one person there that’s intelligent) at Sports Illustrated should finally put a stop to this madness. The “Swimsuit Edition” is an old, dying dog who’s better days have long since passed (like “The Miss America Pageant,” but that’s for another day). Either be gutsy enough for full frontal nudity or just end the sham.

Stair Dismount 2…

Why is this video game being made? Allow me to explain. “Stair Dismount” is a little cult “game” that was made a few years ago. A polygon person can be pushed down a flight of stairs. It was a cute little five-minute diversion. Ha ha, look at the ragdoll 3D model falling down a flight of stairs. A (mostly) arbitrary amount of numeric damage was assigned to the model for those people who wanted to get a “high score.”

I have no idea how they are going to turn this is into a viable commercial game. Even at my most sadistic, this game couldn’t hold my interest for more then ten minutes tops. Was it a cute concept for it’s time? Sure. Cute enough to pay something to the tune of $9.99 or the like for it? No.


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