Weekend Edition…

False positives, Hillary Clinton, Bioshock & Bulk Commenting thus far…

False Positives…

I had a scare this morning when, during my weekly virus scan, up popped a suspected virus. After the heart palpitations subsided, I did a bit of checking on the Internet to see just how screwed I was. Sure enough, my virus scanner had picked up a false positive. The file was pre-installed onto my PC with all the usual junk that computer companies like clogging your hard drive with even before you get to turn it on. I’ve never used a lot of their pre-installed junkware so I haven’t even touched this file before. All’s well that ends well, as they say.

Hillary Clinton…

This revelation pissed me off so much when I found out about it last night that I almost amended my last post with my thoughts on this little crisis. However, I decided to give myself a night’s sleep to calm down before I wrote about this.

In a nutshell, Sen. Hillary Clinton (a Democratic presidential candidate) has a daughter named Chelsea Clinton who is in her late twenties. Chelsea, traditionally shy of the limelight, has been recently seen pressing the flesh & helping her Mom out with her campaign. A reporter from the basic cable news channel MSNBC characterized Sen. Clinton as “pimping out” her daughter for the benefit of the campaign. This has made all the usual self-important idiots very cranky. The reporter was suspended, Sen. Barack Obama (the only other credible Democratic presidential candidate) issued some statement condemning the remark & blah biddity blah blah…

OK. I’m officially tired of people getting offended over such tripe. So…

To Sen. Clinton, shut up. Your campaign is flailing. Odds are, you’re about to lose a few more states this weekend. Your daughter is on the cusp of being 30 years old & if you did strongarm her (aka guilt trip or other similar device) to get her to shill you to people she normally wouldn’t care about then, guess what, you’re pimping your daughter out. Not that I’ve followed this crisis with baited breath but I haven’t heard anything from Chelsea & that’s the person who should be offended the most, not you. Bye bye.

To Sen. Obama, shut up. Momentum is a btich & you’re one slip of the tongue away from being an answer on a trivia game fifteen years from now. Unless you’re pressed to give an answer’ then don’t give one. If you absolutely have to give an answer, just tell them that it’s a private matter being held between the Clintons & MSNBC & that you want to talk about the issues. Bye bye.

To MSNBC, grow a pair of balls &, on occasion, use them. “Pimped out” isn’t as derogatory as everyone says that it is. If your knees are going to buckle every time a minority feels offended & disadvantaged over comments they’ve misinterpreted then just fire everyone & use the airtime to play a marathon of “Doc Block” & “To Catch a Predator” shows.

To the reporter, you cut it close & blew it. It happens. Don’t apologize. Call out Senator Clinton for being the sensational shill that she’s become. Maybe if she was as wrapped up in convincing the American people that she was the right choice on being president as she is over your choice of words, she wouldn’t be behind in the race & forced to use her daughter to get votes.


Wow. This is the first weekend since I’ve bought the game where I just don’t feel like playing it. I played the game for about one half-hour before I stopped. I’ll probably try again to play the game again at some point during this weekend but it won’t be an “Oh my gosh, how did five hours fly by?” type of experience.

All of the game’s shortcomings are finally converging at once – Respawning enemies that are just a wee bit too tough, a desensitization to the retro-alternate 1950’s interior decoration… I can’t place my finger on it but it’s like the video game Half-Life 2 – You WANT to love it because everyone else loves it &, yet, you find it lacking.

Here’s a thought I had while playing the game today:

  • So, enemies occasionally have food on them when you kill them. You can eat the food to regain health. However, who’d want to eat food that’s been carried around by a smelly, dirty, deformed enemy for who-knows-how-long? Do you really trust the hygiene & food storage methods of a spider slicer well enough to eat that creme cake?
  • I’m disturbed by the “Scrounger” ‘gene tonic’ (Think of a ‘gene tonic’ as a learned skill advantage); The gene tonic gives you the ability to search a container (trash can, dead body, cash register) twice to see if you’ve missed something. The more I think about this, the more lame it gets. Check out this scenario: I search a dead body. First, I’m grossed out that I’m searching a dead body to begin with. However, once I get over the grossness of searching a corpse, I find the following items – $4 dollars, a rubber tube & 3 pistol rounds. Now, if I use my “Scrounger” ability, I can search the corpse again. HOWEVER, I have now found only 2 blank film pictures & a pack of cigarettes. I have just LOST the first three items that I found! Where did those 3 items go? Why can’t I, as a “scrounger,” be rewarded with ALL the items?

Like I’ve written, the more I actually think about Bioshock, the more lame it gets.

Bulk Commenting

I know it’s bad form for any medium to talk about itself. However, I need to make a statement here about a comment that I had to moderate earlier.

First off, you can thank WordPress for automatically blocking the obvious spam comments right up front. Otherwise, the comment sections of these posts would  be awash in the usual pharmaceutical and pornographic sales pitches we’ve all come to hate & dread.

Unfortunately, though, there is a new strain of spam that is harder to catch but just as annoying. These are, what I call, “bulk comments.” It’s when someone (or something) writes the same comment for several similar blog posts. As far as I’m concerned, these comments are just as tacky & useless as the spam that wants you to view the latest pornographic video featuring a celebrity on one of their virus-riddled websites.

So if your comment disappears then that may be one of the reasons why it disappeared. Enough said.
That’s all for now. More later.


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