Format Tinkering…

Everything changes from time to time. This blog will be no different. Endure.

Heath Ledger…

I’m awfully sorry that this guy is dead. Really. I wouldn’t like a phone call telling me that someone I cared about had dropped dead, either. Can’t wish it on anyo…, well, on second thought…

However, what the fcuk do people expect when they take 6 different medications all at once? “Accidental overdose”? More like “Accidental loss of common sense” to me. If you can’t sleep, go jog on a treadmill for an hour & then try again.

Super Tuesday…

So, what was so super about it? McCain “won” while Clinton & Obama “tied” (And don’t btich about how ‘Clinton actually won’ or ‘Obama actually won’ or any of that spin; Leave that to a message board that cares). That’s “Super”? What would’ve been ‘Super’ is if the states that voted had some real choice instead of 5 realistic candidates with both sides combined. That’s not choice; That’s almost like a semi-final in sports.

Super Bowl 42 (Fcuk Roman numerals, I live in the modern era)

I ain’t writing about this; Next time I even touch football is mid-to-late August. Until then, good-bye.

P.S. Patriots better find an offensive line that doesn’t resemble a bunch of high school rejects trying to make a college team at the II-A level. Just sayin’.



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