Weekend Edition

Crap that I did this weekend:

  • Went to a book sale.
  • Exercise.
  • Brush cats.
  • Finished jigsaw puzzle.
  • Started & finished a very small jigsaw puzzle.
  • Played the video game “Bioshock.”
  • Bonus task: I also had to vacuum the upstairs hallway, bathroom & stairs as well since I was vacuuming my room.

Crap that I hope to do by the end of the weekend:

  • Watch part of “Super Bowl 42.”
  • Play more of the video game “Bioshock.” Update: Done.
  • Clip fingernails. Update: Done.
  • Vacuum room. Update: Done.
  • If its decent out, maybe do a bit of raking. Update: The ground was all soggy (melting snow) so I picked up branches instead. I had to saw a partially torn-off branch from a tree as well.
  • Fill bird feeders. Update: Done.
  • Send out a resume or two.


  • I don’t know why I go to book sales. I’m not really interested in books. I don’t have a “favorite” author or series or anything like that. I don’t care if I have a 1st edition or 2nd edition or paperback or whatever. It’s not like I don’t read but, at the same time, it’s not my passion.
  • The National Football League hates churches for some reason.
  • I hope that the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl by a score of 842-3 (yes, a complete blowout would be nice). I know that, elsewhere in the world, the Super Bowl isn’t a big deal but in the U.S., it’s a big deal.
  • “Bioshock,” after the pretty scenery, ain’t all that. In fact, it’s getting kind of boring. I’m currently in Fort Frolic. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m cheating by giving myself free “Eve” (fancy term for a type of ‘ammunition’), I’d probably have quit the game by now. Some quick observations about the game…
    • There’s an awful lot of medical stations around for a supposedly utopian city where nothing bad was supposed to happen.
    • I hate games where enemies come out of nowhere. Can’t game designers make a game where enemies logically come from somewhere?
    • I hate games that have respawning enemies. Please stop. Just stop.
    • Taking pictures is “Research”? At least do something with the pictures: Go to a station to have them analyzed. Why not just hide in a corner & study the enemies? Wouldn’t that be the same? Why do I need a picture?

Resume update:

  • Nothing.

Mission NOT Accomplished!

  • I’ll finish the objectives later on in the weekend.

My personal challenge for Monday:

  • Go to bed at 8 PM. Yes, 8 PM.

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