Letting Yourself Go…

Crap that I did today:

  • Work.
  • Exercise.
  • Brush cats.
  • Help solve new jigsaw puzzle my Dad & I are building.
  • Watch the TV show “American Idol.”
  • Watch TV coverage of the Republican Florida primary.
  • Complete yesterday’s personal challenge.


    • My prediction for tonight (the primary, not “American Idol”): Ready. Tested. Gone.
    • Celebrating a hollow victory makes you look mentally-challenged. Maybe you should actually win something of value before you make a big deal of it.
    • The TV show “American Idol” needs to be put out of it’s misery.
    • Drink after you attend a formal function, not before.

    Resume Update:

    • Nothing yet on Company “A” or “B” response.

    Mission Accomplished!

    • I remade my bed earlier today. I feel so neat & tidy.

    My personal challenge for tomorrow:

    • Do my taxes. I’ve got all my financial stuff in already.

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