Weekend Edition…

Crap That I’ve Done Over the Weekend:

  • Brushed the cats.
  • Played the video game “Bioshock.”
  • Watched an episode of the TV show “Ancient Discoveries.”
  • Watched some TV coverage of the US South Carolina Democratic Primary results.
  • Exercised.
  • Put a few more pieces into the jigsaw puzzle.

Stuff That I Still Have to Do Before the Weekend Ends:

  • Pay Bills. Update: Done.
  • Accomplish Weekend Challenge of dusting my room. Update: Done.
  • Watch the episode of “Mythbusters” that I forgot to record on Wednesday. Update: Done. My thoughts on the episode are in “Observations.”

More after the break below…


  • I’ve become indifferent to shows like “Ancient Discoveries.” The basic premise of that show is to rub our noses into the fact that, had the ancient civilizations continued unabated, we’d have teleportation & flying saucers & crap like that by now because their society didn’t have religious fanatics crying foul whenever scientific progress was made. Yes, I get it: They were better then us. Thank you for sending me on the guilt trip. Can I go now? Please? I promise to be nice. Kthxbye.
  • Originally, I bought the video game “Bioshock” for my Dad (Only because it was being sold at 50% off) but his computer (specifically, his graphics card) is too old to play it. Therefore, he’s playing the game that I would’ve been playing (TimeShift) & I’m playing his game. I’m working my way through the “Arcadia” stage right now & here are my observations about the game thus far:
    • Even on the “Easy” setting, I suck. So, therefore, I’ve been cheating since the mid-stages of the “Neptune’s Bounty” area. The problem is two-fold: They force you to rely on weapons called “Plasmids” (These are just traditional magic spells, like a fireball or lightning strike, with a fancy ‘stem cell research’ coating around them) that needs ammunition called “EVE” to use. Unfortunately, there’s never enough EVE to use because all of the enemies constantly respawn. Since the developers enjoy enemies respawning, I respawn my EVE.
    • Graphically, the game looks amazing. It’s always impressive that, ten years ago, we were playing games like Quake II & marveling at those graphics. In another ten years… Who knows?
    • The story is a copy (some would use the euphemism “homage”) of the story used in the video game “System Shock 2.” I won’t spoil it for you but, needless to write, I was a bit disappointed that the developers couldn’t be a bit more original. I hate storylines where everything is tied together so neatly. Very fake.
    • I could care less about the whole “Big Daddy” & “Little Sister” aspect of the game. Whatever. In the game, there are small girl “enemies” called “Little Sisters” who suck a substance called “Adam” (money to buy certain weapons & enhanced abilities) out of corpses lying on the ground. Another enemy, called “Big Daddies,” are huge hulking enemies designed to protect them. My question is – Why do I need 2 sets of currency? I have regular money to buy some things & this ‘Adam’ to buy others? Weird & unnecessary.
    • The whole undersea motif is just so fake. Anyone who knows anything about undersea habitats knows that this can’t possibly happen in real life, nevermind in the 1950’s when this place was supposedly built.
  • I watched the news coverage of the US South Carolina Democratic primary yesterday. Is there any other reason why North & South Carolina are still separate states or is it just a traditional thing? I say that the next president tells all of these “North” & “South”-type states (same thing for “West Virginia”) to recombine unless there’s a darn good reason.
  • Christian Brando is dead. Geez… What is with these Hollywood types? OK, OK, Christian Brando was more “Son of Hollywood” (Actor Marlon Brando’s son) but he had that “Hollywood” stench on him… Always getting into trouble, using drugs, things like that. Also, although he was young (age 49), he wasn’t Hollywood young (as in a certain unnamed actor who recently died at 28). Still… Can you guys just lay off the death for a while?
  • Watched an episode of “Mythbusters.” In my opinion, this series has sort of “jumped the shark.” Their standards as to what constitutes a “myth” has definitely been lowered over the years. It’s one thing to test an actual myth; It’s another to test the claims of a viral video or some movie stunt. Hello? A movie stunt is just that – A stunt. Not real. As for viral videos… I just can’t comment on that.

Mission Accomplished!

  • I dusted earlier today. My room feels cleaner.

My personal challenge for tomorrow:

  • I hate my job. Send out at least 2 resumes.

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